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Basic Details
Founded 19 May 2018
Color green
Status Defunct
The OG Ayo
Minister of Internal Affairs Blitz
Minister of Foreign Affairs Creed Mallory
Minister of Foreign Affairs Grimes
Minister of War Darkness Arises
Minister of Economy Monero
As of 9 November 2018
Total Nations 38
Score 46,025.57
Average Score 1,211.20
Alliance Rank 46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Animation Domination
Protector The Fighting Pacifists
Protector The Syndicate
ODoAP The Federation
PIAT The Crimson Entente
NAP Typhon

United Hoods was a green team alliance formed on 19 May 2018.

Ingame DescriptionEdit

We are a community-focused alliance, dedicated to providing all of our members with protection, economic support, and a fun and thriving community. We accept applicants without regard for their nation score, experience or skill.


The OG: ayo
Minister of Internal Affairs: Blitz
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Creed Mallory, Grimes
Minister of War: Darkness Arises
Minister of Economy: Monero

Manager of Interior: Kobe
Manager of Warchest: Vacant
Manager of Education: Vacant
Manager of Recruitment: Vacant
Peace Counter Guard: Sir Carlo
Manager of Revenue and Nation Growth: Beidatsch



  • Protector: Animation Domination
  • Protector: The Fighting Pacifists
  • Protector: The Syndicate
  • ODoAP: The Federation
  • PIAT: The Crimson Entente
  • NAP: Typhon

Notable Conflicts Edit

War Opponent Outcome
Knightfall The Dixie Union Peace Agreement; Withdrawal

Alliance Announcements Edit

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United Hoods Discord

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