United Alliance for Freedom

Flag of United Alliance for Freedom

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Basic Details
Founded 23 February 2017
Color olive
Status active
Governor FDR82
As of 07 August 2020
Total Nations 74
Score 29,127.46
Average Score 393.61
Alliance Rank #74
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
ODP Great Empires Alliance

United Alliance for Freedom or UAF for short is a Olive color bloc alliance. It was founded in February 2017. The alliance itself is known to very inactive and a great raid target. The Alliance was built on the basis of freedom to play the game as you want without your alliance holding you back. The Alliance does not have discord and does not play a role in Alliance politics. On June 9, 2020; the alliance would reach its peak score of 35,788.42 while being a top 60 alliance.

Wars Edit

War name Against Result Date
Big PP War Golden Phoenix Coalition, Morrowind Defeat July 30, 2019 - August 8, 2019
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