This National Defense program that has over 50,000 enlisted. Led by Prime Minister Jack Harper. They protect the nation of United States of Albertan.

United Albertan Forces
of United States of Albertan
Founded 2043
Current form Active
Service branches United Army

United Navy

United Air Force

Headquarters Edmonton, Province of North Albertan, United States of Albertan
Prime Minister Jack Harper
Minister of National Defense Greg Fast
Chief of Defense Staff General Jones
Military age 16-60
Conscription No
Available for
military service
20,000, age 16-60
Active personnel 25,000
Reserve personnel 5,000
Budget $5 Million
Percent of GDP 12 %

Military Flag


Here is All information about the Military!

Main InformationEdit

Prime Minister Jack Harper!

Minister of National Defense: Greg Fast

Chief of Defense Staff: Genreal Jones

Department LeadersEdit

Department of Navy: Admiral Harris

Department of Army: General Jones

Department of Air Force: Commander Moore

Other InformationEdit

Colours: Black, Green, Red

Founded: 2035

Disbanded: N/A

Wars Won: 2

Wars Lost: 

Wars Peace/Expired: 1

War Policy: Fortress


United ArmyEdit


Enlisted: 74,584

My own: 5,028

Other wars: 15,475


Have on Hand: 682

Lost: 43

Destroyed: 96

United NavyEdit

Lost Ships:

Have on Hand:


United Air ForceEdit

Lost planes:

Have on Hand: 31


List of Bases of United Albertan Army and Air Force and NavyEdit

There are only five so far.

Name| Location| Year Founded| Division| Status

UFB Jackson| Edmonton, Province of North Albertan| 2043| Army, Air Force| Active

UFB Johnson| Barrhead, Province of South Albertan|2043| Army, Air Force| Active

UFB Victory| Westlock, Province of West Albertan| 2043| Navy| Active

UFB Bravo| Calgary, Province of East Albertan| 2043| Navy| Active

UFB Western| Hinton, Province of South Albertan| 2044| Army| Active

List of Ships of United Albertan NavyEdit

Here Ships go when they are ready.

Name| Location| Year Founded| Division| Notes

List of Aircrafts of United Air ForceEdit

Here planes go when ready.

Name| Location| Year Founded| Division| Notes

F-28| Edmonton, Province of South Albertan, United States of Albertan| Air Force| New Class and Aircraft

Noble WarsEdit

Summer WarEdit

Main Information:

  • Date: 2043/05/31- 2043/06/24 
  • Status: Albertan Victory
  • Causes: Issue about the Bases


  • Cassiopeia: Prime Minister Malcolm Watchman

Other Information:

  • Total $: $ 246,228.60
  • Total for Albertan: 192 KIA
  • Total for Cassiopeia: 2,000 KIA
  • Total for war: 2,192 KIA

July/August WarEdit

Main Information:

  • Date: 2043/07/07-2043/08/10
  • Status: Victroy for Albertan
  • Causes: Bases Issue


  • Port Moody: Mayor Moody

Other Information:

  • Total $: $766,726.13
  • Total for Albertan: 4,836 KIA
  • Total for Port Moody: 13,475 KIA
  • Total for war: 18,361 KIA

August/Septmber War

Main Information:

  • Date: 2043/08/22-2043/08/27
  • Status: Expired
  • Causes: Intro to the game


  • Pakistan22: Emperor Raphael4

Other Information:

  • Total $: $255,917.63
  • Total for Albertan: 0 KIA
  • Total for Pakistan22: 0 KIA
  • Total for war: 0 KIA
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