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Status: Active


The United Galia Citzen Federation is a new active nation that rose from thee ashes of the now deleted nation Galia.

Global War 20

The Galia nation collasped from attacks and leaving the Weebisum alliance, its main reason for its collapse was its poor army and economy structure ultimatly both lead to the nations down fall. The former general of Galia before its desent was John D Rico a loaned officer who made the idea of both the United citzen Federation to join with Galia. The New nation United Galia Citizen Federation.

Government Type

Democracy although heavily infulenced by the Citzen Federation propaganda making somewhat of a fascist state.

National Mottos:

United Citizen Federation

"Its a good day to die"

Galian motto

"Valkyria, Valkyria

May the bloodline live forever

Valkyria, Valkyria Bless and protect our fertile land"

Flag of the Nation