This alliance has disbanded.

Union of Peaceful States

Flag of Union of Peaceful States

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Basic Details
Founded 11/25/2014
Headquarters Asia
Color Yellow
Status Defunct
Founder Dolphman
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Union of Peaceful States was an pacifist alliance formed by The United Island Tribes..

UPS's was the oldest and at the time the only Pacifist alliance in Orbis.

Pacifism Edit

UPS's most notable quality is their pacifist stance. UPS and its members has stuck to their pacifist core and have never declared war on any nation/alliance. Due to UPS's Pacifism and careful diplomatic handling, it has yet to be attacked by a coordinated force. The closest it has come to actual fighting is a raid by Arrgh, which ended peacefully..

UPS obviously bans any offensive action towards any entity no matter what the reason. All nations in UPS are required to follow this basic principle and remain peaceful.

Government Edit

UPS doesn't have any a significant government hierarchy. The Founder only has the power to create and sign treaties and bank access. The Inner Council, made up the more powerful nations in UPS have bank access. Anything lower has no responsibilities and only required to follow the basic rules of the alliance.

Protection Edit

UPS has been protected by many alliances. The first being the now defunct Supreme Gentlemen. Following the TSG's breakup, UPS was unprotected. Short Protection terms were made with the also now defunct FSA and USA alliances.

Currently UPS employs Arrgh as Privateers.

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