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The Union of Dictatorial States, is a nation located in Germany. It started when the city of Pruss conquered the neighboring city of Hamburg. It's is lead by Dictator Caden.

History Edit

For many years the interior of Germany was composed of city states, all of them keeping to their own ground. But in November of 2015 all that changed. A local man by the name of Caden seeked a re-united Germany. He and his followers started a social party in the government of Pruss. They quickly gained fame for their re-uniting theory. The president of Pruss, saw that Caden, was national figure and the people would rebel if he was silenced. He appointed Caden Chancellor of Pruss. A week later the president died of infection. Caden named himself the new Dictator of Pruss and immediately ended the age of German city states by taking Hamburg.

Military Edit

there are 3 branches of the UDS military. The first is the Heer (army) composing of soldiers and tanks. The second is the UAF (Air Force). The third is the United Navy.

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