The All Mighty Union CentroAmericana is a nation led by OverLord Sephiroth on the continent of Australia. The All Mighty Union CentroAmericana's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very conservative social policies. Economically, The All Mighty Union CentroAmericana favors left wing policies. The official currency of The All Mighty Union CentroAmericana is the Bitcoin. The All Mighty Union CentroAmericana is an ancient nation with a land area of 170,500.00 sq. miles. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent.

History of the Union

For hundreds of years Central America was composed of simple and small nation whom waged war against one another for no actual reason, these people where so identical to one another that other nations pondered at why they fight each other.  In 1981 Hurlston a young diplomat from the Island of Guanaja, Islas de la Bahia, Honduras, waged a strong political campaign in order to become the president of Honduras.  After failing 2 times at a diplomatic approach he decided that the ignorance of his people was so grand that they couldn't identify a great leader when they saw one, so he set out to gain allies within the neighboring countries (specifically their military). After 5 years of seeking foreign help he finally got the guatemaltecan and the nicaraguense armies at his disposal, he also had control of the honduran air force.  Knowing this Sir. Hurlston launched an aggressive coup d'eta against the current corrupt honduran government and had all of the representatives of the government killed, after this bloody coup he stationed his most trusted friends and family in key positions within the honduran government. He ruled for 7 long years before he could finally get complete control over the country and after this he set his sight on expanding Honduras. He first spoke with the leaders of Guatemala and Nicaragua to join in a triple alliance to control central america (which they agreed on). 1 year later El Salvador was frightened by the idea of a triple alliance in central america since they believed that this would cause a threat so they launched a full scale assault on Honduran soil in an attempt to destroy this alliance from the source, but Salvador stud no chance and was annexed within 2 months of battle. Later on he aimed and conquered both Costa Rica and Panama after which he succesfully annexed Nicaragua and Guatemala politically and formed Union CentroAmericana. 1 year later a military project to create enhanced humans within the country to use for military purposes was launched, in which Hurlston accepted to be the first person to be used in this program.  After its success Hurlston changed his name to Sephiroth and re-created his army naming it SOLDIER. Sephiroth being un-matched and indestructible had a growing ego and began to think of himself as a GOD, now his ambition is to conquer this planet and he is slowly succeeded taking one country at a time.

Continent: Australia
Land Area: 274,392.47 sq. km
Terrain: Extensive land beyond what the eye can see, beautiful mountains with dense forest, the flora and fauna of the nation is one of the largest and most extense in the world with over 2,000,000 species of animals and insects and near 7,000,000 different kinds of plants herbs, trees, bushels and aquatic see flora, al with beautiful rivers and lakes within its territories and in direct contact with both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.
Highest Peak: Volcan Tajamulco, 4,220 meters
Lowest Valley: Isthmus of Rivas, 56 meters
Climate: Tropical climate 12 months a year with just a slight change in temperature during the winter.
People & Society
Population: 13,602,522 people
Demonym: Centralamerican
Demonym Plural: Centroamericans
Ethnic Groups: Genetically Enhanced Humans - 100.0%
Languages: English - 100.0%

Spanish - 79.0%
French - 62.0%

Religions: Jenosism - 97.0%

Followers of Mother - 3.0%

Life Expectancy: 3982 years
Obesity: 0%
Alcohol Users: 13%
Tobacco Users: 10%
Cannabis Users: 8%
Hard Drug Users: 0%
Description: Union Centroamericana follows a free economy in which everyone can labor in whatever industry they please as long as they are not idle. Much of the industries are in production of Steel, Aluminum, Gasoline and Munitions. The raw resources produced in the nation are few since much of the land is used for the extensive and efficient irrigation system used for farms, there is also coal extraction, iron extraction and mining of uranium. The largest industry in the Nation is financial and market based with also a lot invested in hospitals, police stations and schools.
Average Yearly Income: $218.36
GDP: $49,971,780,435.93
GDP per Capita: $3,673.71
Industries: The largest industry in Union Centroamericana is its weapon manufactures, as a large provider of biological, magical, physical and highly advanced weapons, we are the top seller on the face of the planet and in other planets as well.
History: In 1986 Sir. Hurlston founded the Honduran Recreational army with the majority belonging to his personal army called ¨Hurlstonian Guard¨ which has the main force in taking and controlling Honduras until they submitted completely to Sir. Hurlston´s command and control.

During 1994 the ¨Fuerzas de la Union Centroamericana¨ was founded with the creation of the union but the main force in this military was still the Hurlstonian Guard.
In 1995 with the new genetics experiments and advancements Sir. Hurlston was the first to undergo this change and as soon as it succeeded created a new military under the name of SOLDIER, composed of Soldiers of Genesis and the commanders known as JUDGES, the genetic enhancement technology quickly grew and all the citizens of the country had to either submit into the genetic enhancement or leave the country, 98% of the population stayed and with their new genetically enhanced bodies even the common citizens with no military experience have the strength and ability to fight at a higher capacity than many other military forces.
In the year 1999 Sephiroth found a pair of baby dragons which he personally raised and had them breed, with this he replaced his air-force with creatures known as Bahamut´s. 
During a sweep of an enemy country in 2001 Sephiroth fell into a trap set by the enemy and fell almost to the core of the planet where he was attacked by hostile demonic beings trying to kill him, after slaying them Sephiroth saw the potential in these beings if he could harvest and control their power so he took all the eggs and had them returned to the capital where he had them hatch and trained them to follow instructions, Sephiroth named the beings Ifrit and used them to replace his tank forces. 
In 2004 in a naval campaign Sephiroth lead his navy to invade a nearby border country but a storm hit them and a giant snake like creature attacked his fleet, he ordered the Bahamuts to attack the creature but could rarely attack it since it would go under water, during the battle the creature sunk the ship Sephiroth was in so he held on to the creature holding onto it and harming it as it raged, Sephiroth used the technology in his body to try to communicate with the being and it eventually calmed down, because of all the damage Sephiroth was forced to retreat and postpone his invasion but he took the creature with it calling her Shiva,
in 2005 Shiva had 9 offspring of its own and that´s when Sephiroth realized she was pregnant so he used the mother and the children naming them Leviathans and making them his main naval force. 
Lastly in 2007 the laboratories discovered a technology that allowed Sephiroth to communicate with all the creatures through telepathy, so they are now an easy and stable force with enough power to destroy the planet if needed.

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