"Destroy Oppression. Encourage Progression" ~CyreX Motto

The Unified Sovereignty of CyreX (Also known as USC or CyreX) is a growing nation led by Supreme Secretary Creed Mallory in what used to be the state of Indiana on the continent of North America. The official currency of CyreX is the USC Dollar. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent.

The Unified Sovereignty of CyreX is an ever expanding nation stationed in the heart of Indiana. Its revolution one of the fastest in the world, gaining it's independence within a year. Most of the population are from oppressed races, including African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Due to the oppressive history and failed protection of the races, Creed Mallory has implemented laws to protect the historically oppressed. He has an eternal grudge against the Confederacy and loathes their existence. In the first few years of its independence, he ferociously declared war with every Confederate nation he could find.

"Those damn backwater hicks are the main reason of that so-called "great country". Under their 1st Amendment they live and will never be silenced. Their evil and racism is protected by that "Free World". Long Live the South my ass. The Southern culture was slavery, racism, and oppression. You know how many people they killed? All because they were dark? All because they were different? That damn flag they wave around should be burned, like the Nazis." ~Creed Mallory whilst writing the Great Emancipation
The country is ruled by their revolutionary leader, Supreme Secretary Creed Mallory. Creed Mallory had begun a campaign to break away from the United States after the election of a tyrannical president. With the help of his accomplices Malcolm, Great Hawk Achak, Navarch Hardstop, Chieftain Sequoia, and Baroness Mel Mallory they were able to create a following and fight back the United States Armed Forces. They signed a document called the Great Emancipation and officially broke away from the country. They became recognized by the nations of the United Hoods and was added to their alliance.

Currently, Creed Mallory is the Foreign Affairs Minister of United Hoods and part of the Supreme Council. He seeks friendship among other alliances and is very enthusiastic in his affairs. He's often noted as bubbly and even weird. He welcomes other alliances with open arms. He is fairly docile, but becomes bloodthirsty when either he or his alliance is attacked.

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