Unforgiven Legion

Flag of Unforgiven Legion

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Basic Details
Headquarters Global
Color Orange
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Unforgiven Emperor Rexar, Drekkza
Unforgiven Legatus Vladimir Streka
Decayed Primus Pilus Tomislav
Decayed Primus Pilus Walter Irons
Decayed Primus Pilus Pyth
Decaying Centurion Veroivot
Decaying Centurion Austin TX
Unforgiven Scribe Rex Tyranus
As of June 15, 2020
Total Nations 12
Score 19,596.57
Average Score 1,633.05
Alliance Rank 75
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP The United Armies
ODP Spartan Republic
MDoAP Ecotopian Imperial Federation
MDP The Knights of the Blood Oath
MDP The Stratosphere
ODP Mandalore
Protectorate Ampersand

Unforgiven Legion is an orange team alliance established on June 23, 2019.

History Edit

General History

Formed on the 23rd of June, 2018, by Rexar of Helghast, Drekkza of the Drekkzonian Empire, and John iii Sobieskii of Kitov, the idea of the alliance was born when the alliance known as COOP (Center Of Offbeat Powers) started falling apart. The three founding fathers decided that a change was needed, and thus, a new alliance was born. Currently, the legion is under the joint leadership of both Rexar (head of internal affairs) and Drekkza (head of foreign affairs), and Sobieskii left the alliance.

Less than a week after the Legion's birth, another member from COOP showed up pledging his allegiance. From then on the Legion only grew in strength as more legionnaires joined the ranks. Soon, the Legion would find itself aligned with Si Hong, which is still its greatest ally to this very day, and defend each other from invaders. After a period of growth and increasing strength, the Unforgiven Legion was invited to be a founding member of The United Front, a bloc of alliances that offered protection and a sanctuary to grow the ranks. Shortly after joining the bloc, the Legion saw an increase in score that it had never seen before. Treaties with the United Armies, the Spartan Union, and the Knights of the Blood Oath have been made since, but their ties with the United Front had also been severed.

On the 15th of February, 2020, the Legion began declining as John iii Soblieskii left with four others to create the Intergalactic Space Federation, which then merged with Aurora. On March 21, the Legion broke off from the United Front. The number of members was cut nearly in half afterwards, and the alliance lost a great deal of influence. Near the middle of 2020, they began making moves to reclaim their lost glory, and new members slowly began rolling in.

After another period of growth, the Legion broke ties with Si Hong, who had begun to split and merge due to dissatisfaction with their rate of growth.

History of Conflicts

The first major conflict for the Legion was a bloc war against The Coal Mines. The war only only lasted a few rounds, but the Legion fought hard, as did all of The United Front. Unfortunately, because of economic reasons the Front could not sustain the conflict and peace terms were drawn up. In spite of this, the Legion, whilst taking a big hit, managed to cripple many opposing nations and fought with all of its strength.

Their next major conflict was with Opus Dei. The Legion fought hard in the name of Orbis as a whole, and was very successful in its attacks and won the vast majority of them. Eventually, Opus Dei was found guilty of illegal activities and was forced to disband, ending the Legion's involvement in the conflict.

The events following this have remained unrecorded, but future events will be recorded by the Legion's new Unforgiven Scribe, Rex Tyranus.

The Legion then almost fell into war with the raiding alliance Arrgh after one of the Legion's members mistakenly attacked someone who was believed to be Amon or a follower of his. This led to the suspected Amon taunting the Legion, and one of the Legion's members led a war of attrition against him. Multiple counters from both sides were made, but after some negotiating, peace was made. The suspected Amon was proven to be a follower after the real Amon caused a scene in UL's Discord.

Shortly following this, one of UL's members was attacked by a member of Ordo Draconis. UL countered, but Ordo sent counters of its own, which was greatly looked down upon by the Legion. After much brutal fighting and negotiations made difficult by Ordo, the attackers attempted to frame the initial attacked nation, Republic_of_Texas, for threatening one of their members. A court was held, and Ordo was found guilty, but they refused to pay the consequences. After more fighting, peace was made, Ordo's few conditions being an apology and immediate cease of attacks. Neither was fulfilled.

Allies Edit

The Legion has few allies, but each is strong and tightly knit.

One of the Legion's closest allies is the United Armies, the leader of The United Front. Their alliance with the United Armies is strong, and the Legion defends them as their own, and the United Armies do the same.

Another ally of the Legion is the Spartan Union, internally seen as the Legion's second division. The leader of the Brotherhood was trained by Rexar himself, and the Legion initially helped the Union get off the ground and supported their upbringing, and continue to stand alongside them.

Another of the Legion's allies is the Knights of the Blood Oath. This treaty was formed rather recently, and as such, relations with this alliance are still growing.

A brand-new treaty has also just been formed between the Legion and the Stratosphere due to its relations with other close alliances. Bonds have yet to form at all, but high hopes are held.

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