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Umbrella War
Part of the Arrgh Raids
Date April 25, 2020 - April 28, 2020
Casus belli Umbrella Corporation (previously OFA) attacking Arrgh during the Dialup War
Result Arrgh! Victory
Preceded by
Rise of Hizu
Succeeded by
Arrgh's Great Boogaloo
Arrgh Flag.png

Umbrella Corporation Flag.png
Umbrella Corporation

The Roxchean Confederations Flag.png
The Roxchean Confederations

Arrgh Flag.png Zim

Umbrella Corporation Flag.png Amon
The Roxchean Confederations Flag.png Messi

54 nations
86,774.86 score
36 nations
43,641.11k score
Casualties and losses
$208,432,143.24 $1,612,524,390.84

The Umbrella War is a war that started on April 25th, 2020, when the Arrgh launched a blitz attack on Umbrella Corporation. Prior to the attack, Umbrella Corporation lost their protectorCamelot. Umbrella Corporation then went around asking different alliances for protection in exchange Umbrella Corporation would pay them 100M.

Announcements and Events

25th April 2020

  • Arrgh launches 70 Wars Against UC
  • UC counters with 5 wars on Arrgh
  • The Roxchean Confederations attacks Arrgh launching 10 wars in defence of UC
  • Arrgh counters with 6 wars on TRC

26th April 2020

  • UC agrees to Arrgh's terms in exchange for no new wars being declared

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