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This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as United Socialist Nations on May 1, 2018.


Flag of USRGC

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Basic Details
Founded 4/4/2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Red
Status Defunct
President Matrix
Minister of Foreign Affairs DarVolt
Minister of War Carl Barret
Minister of Information Kenjii
Secretary Morotas
Minister of Economics Liam Knight
Score 19,000+
Alliance Rank 51
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The United Socialist Republics of Global Communism was an independent Socialist Union, fighting to serve and protect Communism across Orbis.


The USRGC was founded on April 4th 2016 members from the same named organization form a game called Bloc and March of War. The initial alliance flavor, description, and name were created by Kenjii. He formed the initial government using officer from the USRGC in Bloc which at the time was only 3 others. The initial government was set to be only temporary which put Kenjii as the Premier, Matrix as President, DarVolt as a diplomatic officer, and Carl Barret as War Minister. P&W was initially only a division of the USRGC until the Bloc server reset after which P&W became the main game and most of the members switched over.


The founding members of our Alliance were made political prisoners by the USSR because they spoke out about the poor war record of the Kremlin, in particular how they used common soldiers to clear minefields by forcing them to walk through them. They were sent to Siberian Correction Camps to be Re-educated; with great fortitude, they resisted this brainwashing, until they were freed by local Partisan groups who saw in these men great leaders of true Social Communism.

These two groups together carefully moved toward the beginning of a formalisation of a structure which we now know as the USRGC Alliance of today.