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Typhon-GCB War
Date July 30, 2017 - September 11, 2017
Casus belli None declared
Result Typhon Victory
Preceded by
Britannian Radiant Crusade
Raid Withdrawal War
Succeeded by
Typhon's Invasion of America

Pirate Sheep Flag.png

New Flag of the GCB.png
Global Communist Bloc

Pirate Sheep Flag.png
Mercenary Order of Small Nations

Pirate Sheep Flag.png Zephyrus
Pirate Sheep Flag.png Arsony
Pirate Sheep Flag.png Tymoteusz

New Flag of the GCB.pngRéjs Putin
New Flag of the GCB.pngVictorious
Pirate Sheep Flag.pngNew Suleiman Surrendered*

105 nations
22,450.35 score
41 nations
27,434.18 score
*It is unknown who the leader of MOSN was at this time, New Suleiman is the only person know to be leader of MOSN

The Typhon-GCB War, referred to by the GCB as Typhon Compensates, was a conflict which began on July 30, 2017 with an informal declaration of war issued by Zephyrus, leader of Typhon, on the GCB. Due to their actions the Mercenary Order of Small Nations declared war on Typhon on July 31 but surrendered several days later on August 2.


Typhon vs. GCB

The first half of month of the conflict, between July 30 and August 16, saw Typhon declare 110 wars on the GCB while GCB retaliated with 15 wars on Typhon. On August 16, Arrgh separately launched an assault on the upper tier of the GCB known as the Raid Withdrawal War.

Typhon vs. MOSN

Between the MOSN's entry and surrender they declared 11 wars on Typhon while Typhon retaliated with 9 wars.

The End

The war officially ended on September 11th when GCB unofficially disband, after a coup d'etat, leaving behind 7 inactive nations, a new US flag and the description "Communism is dead". Many of the members of the GCB went on to form the Communist International, which is seen as the continuation of the Global Communist Bloc.

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