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Typhon's Invasion of America
Part of the Micro Wars
Date October 04-13, 2017
Casus belli Typhon's Preemptive war on USMC who was preparing to do the same
Status Finished
Preceded by
Charming Treasure War
Succeeded by
Sparta-Grumpy War
United States Marine Corps
Pirate Sheep Flag.png

FeUVPf5.jpg Jacob Smith

Pirate Sheep Flag.png Zephyrus
Pirate Sheep Flag.png Arsony Carrera
Pirate Sheep Flag.png Tymoteusz

29 Nations

13,452.13 Score

94 Nations

20,867.89 Score

The Typhon's Invasion of America was conflict which began with the first Typhon raids on the United States Marine Corps (USMC) as early as 4th October 2017. War was never formally declared. The final war between the two alliances ended on October 13, 2017.

First Raids

The First raids on USMC seem to have had very little thought put into them by Typhon and USMC though this would quickly put USMC onto the track of attempting to destroy Typhon.

USMC's Goal

The USMC's goal of destroying Typhon was not obviously flawed to those attempting it and was not stated by the people they confronted about it.

The Preemptive Strike

USMC had all the plans for war on Typhon prepped and about to be enacted by 5th of October though these were never followed through with as Typhon preemptively struck them, spectators guess this was due to the sheer number of people USMC's leader Jacob Smith and government made aware of this, which was of over 9+ alliances.

The War

The War continues to rage though some things become apparent after a brief look

  1. USMC had a base of fresh members who didn't know game elements
  2. USMC had members from foreign alliances not intending to remain and only ghosting to participate in the war
  3. USMC had never lead a war and was completely unprepared to coordinate an offensive or defense
  4. Typhon had a large and inactive nation base
  5. USMC had an intense and effective foreign affairs team
  6. USMC had no understanding of Orbis politics and the Tier system

As for the meat of the conflict, 17 wars were begun with most of them falling even. Overall this conflict had very little gains from either side with USMC slowed in establishing themselves and Typhon claiming a large victory in the Micro Tier by showing it was still able to maintain control.

After effects and Notable features

Lordaeron Protected USMC, during the end tail of the war. Inadvertently drawing them into this war in a defensive capacity though due to no formal declarations this has not made them truly apart of this.

USMC in this attempt to strike a target with very few weaknesses, managed to isolate themselves from their previous supporters, show an extreme level of incompetency, ruin their reputation and almost drag their treaties into a war with an alliance fully capable of severely hindering their progress.