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Flag of Typhon

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Basic Details
Founded May 28, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color Brown
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Commanders Zephyr


Economic Affairs Neoxeoz, Director
Internal Affairs Duncan Leshiro, Director

Kel Vor Tas
Martin McGuinness

Military Affiars Talia, Director

Solomon Wolfe

Foreign Affairs Tymoteusz (aka NukeGirl), Director
As of December 27, 2019
Total Nations 27
Score 17,213.08
Average Score 637.52
Alliance Rank 70
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Syndicate

Typhon is an alliance founded on May 28, 2017. It is notable for having an Avg score on the lower end and a high member count than most.

Official DescriptionEdit

Typhon is a brotherhood for active nations, forged on mutual protection and cooperation. We value vigilance, loyalty, and the balance between individuality and alliance unity.

History of TyphonEdit

Typhon was founded on the 28th of May 2017 by Zephyrus in hopes of creating a sustainably openly aggressive small raiding alliance for small nations. The name Typhon was inspired by the ancient Greek god of the same name who was said to be the most powerful and monstrous creature in Greek mythology. Like the creature’s many independently monstrous limbs, each of our members shall be equally capable forces of destruction; combined, we are Typhon.

On the13th of July 2017, Zephyrus and Arsony Carrera from Imperial Metric Union agreed to merge alliances, continuing under the name Typhon.The many similarities between the alliances made the decision an obvious one. Unfortunately it was not meant to be; on the 6th of November 2017, Typhon secured a protectorate with Zodiac and the following day Arsony Carrera left Typhon to restart the Imperial Metric Union. Despite differing ambitions between Zephyrus and Arsony, Typhon and the Imperial Metric Union remain on friendly terms. Typhon continues forward with a focus on beginner protection and accessibility to new players.

Typhon and her then ally Camelot declared war on The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura and United Hoods on August 19th of 2018, which ended in 3 days with them as victors.

On October 20th of 2018, Typhon declared war on Statesmen, The Commonwealth, The Dixie Union, The Knights Radiant and Nova Riata, aiding Pantheon and her allies in the ongoing global war. Between November 9th and 19th of 2018, Typhon also beiged The Military and Economic Union due to an unprovoked attack by one of their higher-ups.

On February 1st Knightfall ended, Typhon had dealt 5.54B in net damages placing her 9th in net damges.

On October 2nd of 2019, Camelot with GOONS declared war on Typhon in the Dial-up War. Camelot and GOONS utterly destroyed Typhon's military and a good chunk of their infrastructure, initially shaving off nearly half of Typhon's score and then pushing it even further down as Typhon's members reentered beige over the next several weeks. By the end of December 2019 Typhon's NS was utterly decimated, with most of their members in vacation mode, including their entire government.

Recent NewsEdit

August's Alliance Anthem is "Kinky Boots" - Irish Rebel Song

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