Grand City of Trioumphe
Overview & Map
Vital statistics
Type Metropolis
Level 1,200.00
Location Verosk Philos
Inhabitants 98,929 people

Background Edit

The Grand City of Trioumphe, which is the capital city of Verosk Philos. The city was founded in 2164 whenever World War III broke out. Trioumphe is the most technically advanced city in the European continent. Also the most advanced city of the Verosk Philos, with Undra falling in 2nd place.

City Life Edit

It's a great honor and a privilege to live among the Verosk Philosian elite, the beautiful boulevards, fountains, and clean windows on every building. The River Loire runs through the beautiful city. It's also a economical hub, which powers Verosk Philos. City of fountains, boulevards, and luxury.

Seizure of the City - Civil War Edit

During the Revolutionary war after World War III, The Communist Party had a civil war for the state of the Republic of Verosk Philos. The King's Party had won, and the siege of the city was over, after 4 years of brutal and bloody fighting. With around 400,000 deaths, the capital city was free, and was set to stay the capital of the state. Prosperity and luxurious was restored when the King's Party winning.

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