This alliance has disbanded as of May 4, 2017.


Trident Flag
Flag of Trident

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Basic Details
Founded November 3, 2016
Headquarters Asia
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Conqueror: Damdaka
Manchester: Barker
As of 03/14/2017
Total Nations 15
Score ~11,500
Average Score ~750
Alliance Rank 47
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
NAP Paragon
Cerdent Pact Cerberus EX
Protected by Zodiac (ZD)

Trident was a brown team alliance based in Asia.


With showers of blessings of The God and The Superstitutious Power, in the islands of the world, let a kingdom named TRIDENT shall be established. With The Members of the kingdom, The God and The Supertious power shall guard TRIDENT and implement the PRINCIPLE OF TRIDENT. Let The God and The Supertious power shall Guide the ruler of the kingdom to rule under the path of Equality, Unity and Liberty.

Principle A
1. The Kingdom shall be named "TRIDENT".

2. The Activities of the Kingdom Shall refelect the Moral Equality, Unity and Liberty.

3. The Kingdom shall be Monarchy.

4. The Throne of Power shall be vested on THE CONQUEROR of the kingdom.

5. The supreme duty of the member of the knigdom is to follow the PRINCIPLE OF TRIDENT.

6. The Principles of Trident shall come into effect on 01.01.2017.

Principle B
1. The Conqueror shall appoint anyone as the Manchester of the allaince to assist the The Conqueror of the allaince to develop and maintain peace in the Kingdom!

2. The Manchester Shall help The Conqueror in all possible ways to develope the Kingdom in best possible way.

3. There shall be no specified period for occupying this post!

4. Any law or work shall be comunicated to the Conqueror by the Manchester within a day!

5. To bring any new Principle, the conset had to be sought with the Conqueror in advance.

6. The Manchester can give any notification to the members of the allaince untill it does not affect the Priciples and Moral of the Kingdom! All such Notifications shall be communicated to the Palace at Slack or Discord within a day.

7. The Manchester shall not make changes in the other department of the allaince.

Principle C
1. The Alliance bank shall be name "TRICOMB", shall it be vested in the Palace.

2. The University of Trident shall be the official university of the Kingdom.

3. All the notifications shall be Numbered based on the department and date of notification.

Wars Involved InEdit

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