Treaty of the Ultimate Insanity
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Treaty Type: MnDoAP
Treaty Signed: June 1, 2017
Treaty Status: Active

The Treaty of the Ultimate Insanity is a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between Order of the White Rose and Lordaeron on June 1, 2017.


We the signatories, Lordaeron and Order of the White Rose, agree to the following Articles of Allegiance.

Article One

Both signatories agree to defend one-another in the event that either one is subject to an aggressive attack by a third party alliance.

Article Two

Both signatories retain the right to enter into joint aggressive attacks, but it is not mandatory.

Article Three

In the event that one signatory is attacked due to the activation of another treaty, mutual defense becomes optional.

Article Four

Both signatories agree to duly respect the bank and safes of the other signatory.

Article Five

Both signatories agree to render reasonable material aid when requested and where possible.

Article Six

Both signatories agree to share any intelligence which may be considered pertinent to the security of the other signatory.

Article Seven

Both signatories are free to pursue formal relationships with third party alliances, though they are strongly encouraged to consult one-another first.

Article Eight

Either signatory may withdraw from this treaty after a minimum notice period of 72 hours.


Signed for Lordaeron

High King - Kastor
Archmage - Chidz
Paladin of Foreign Affairs - Britishdude
Paladin of War - Jeremy
Paladin of Internal Affairs - Enigma
Paladin of Econ - Mastranni
Paladin of Security - Kaname Isao

Signed for Order of the White Rose

Prime - Sval
Legate of Foreign Affairs - Colonelicus
Legate of Economics - Luis
Legate of Internal Affairs - Gonzalo
Legate of Defense - Arnout
Proconsul - Delacroix

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