Treaty of Yunkai

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World Task Force
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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: October 30, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Treaty of Yunkai is an Optional Defense Pact signed between Valyria and the World Task Force on October 30, 2016.

Article I - Pub Buddies

Valyria and the World Task Force hereby agree to be optional drinking partners. Both signatories recognize the sovereign right to join or leave the pub whenever.

Article II - Bar Fights

Both signatories are encouraged to come to the political, economic, and military aid of the other should they be attacked, but it is not required.

Article III - Paying the Tab

Both signatories are encouraged to aid the other in military, political, and economic attacks on the enemy, but it is not required.

Article IV - What's on Tap?

Both signatories are expected to share information pertinent to the security and prosperity of the other, and agree to cooperation in good-faith financial transactions.

Article V - Bros For Life

Both signatories agree to formally address the possibility of a treaty upgrade on a quarterly basis.

Article VI - Shutting Down the Pub

Both signatories agree that in the event differences cannot be resolved or alternate paths are sought, and this treaty must be dissolved, that the canceling signatory will provide 72 hours notice, during which, the treaty will remain active.


Signed for Valyria

Dragonlord Morgan
Dragonlord Bradley Davies
Dragonlord Curtimus Maximus

Signed for World Task Force

Nintendo of Nintendo Land
Globoid first citizen of Quernia
Mad Despot Tapley of Llamastan
Tarquin of Clay
Fenthal of Coccoland

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