Treaty of Watts

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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: October 21, 2016
Treaty Defunct: October 26, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Treaty of Watts was a Protectorate Treaty signed between Valyria and STAG Corporations on October 21, 2016.

Article I: Defending STAG Edit

Valyria hereby agrees to protect STAG Corporations and its assets from hostile takeovers. Both Valyria and STAG Corporations agree to abide by the terms of this Protectorate Agreement.

Article II: Private Army For Hire Edit

Valyria can request STAG Corporation security forces act as an auxiliary army and accompany Valyria on its campaigns, but STAG has the right to accept or reject.

Article III: Memos Edit

Both Valyria and STAG Corporations agree to communicate regularly on all happenings.

Article IV: Promise of Growth Edit

Valyria will assist STAG Corporations with economic knowledge and funding in order for proper quarterly growth.

Article V: An Established Union Edit

The establishment of STAG Corporations shall be monitored every 30 days. Valyria and STAG Corporations must agree to continue this agreement or void it each monitoring period.

Article VI: Troubled Times Edit

Should either Valyria or STAG Corporations find itself in troubled times and unable to continue this agreement, a memo shall be sent to inform the cancellation of this agreement, which shall take effect after 72 hours of receiving the notice. Should STAG Corporation be unable to continue its existence, its members may join Valyria.

Signatures Edit

Signed for Valyria Edit

Dragonlord Morgan - Triumvir Maester, High Lord of Internal, Economic, and Judicial Affairs
Dragonlord Bradley - Triumvir Minister, High Lord of Foreign Affairs
Dragonlord Curtimus Maximus - Triumvir General, High Lord of Valyrian Military Affairs/

Signed for STAG Corporations Edit

Jack3top - CEO
Ctigrisht - Deputy CEO
Artch Kunschteintunt - Adviser
Kowloon Sword - Adviser
Thilina - Adviser

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