Treaty of Grownlands

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Order of Storms
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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: November 19, 2016
Treaty Status: Inactive

The Treaty of Grownlands is a Protectorate Treaty signed between Valyria and Order of Storms on November 19, 2016.

Article I - Protecting Order of Storms

Valyria hereby proclaims the Vassalization of Order of Storms. The Vassal Order of Storms retains sovereignty in its own right, and shall be entitled full and complete protection in accordance with this Treaty as agreed upon by both parties.

Article II - The Sending of Crows

Both Valyria and Order of Storms agree to communicate regularly on all happenings that affect the welfare of both parties and our allies.

Article III - The Promise of Gold

Valyria will assist Order of Storms with economic and military knowledge to ensure expansion of the Vassal and its assets.

Article IV - Securing the Union

Valyria and Order of Storms shall meet upon the first day of each month to decide upon the continuation or discontinuation of this agreement. Both parties must affirm the continuation of this agreement, or it shall be voided otherwise.

Article V - Troubled Times

Should either Valyria or Order of Storms find itself in troubled times and unable to continue this agreement, a private notice shall be sent to inform its cancellation. The treaty shall remain in full effect for a period of 72 hours then voided thereafter.


Signed for Valyria

Dragonlord Bradley Davies
Dragonlord Bluebear
Dragonlord Jakeman

Signed for Order of Storms

Lord Frostsword
Mr Bigsby
Lord of Puns

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