Treasures are a game mechanic that increases the income of the nations holding them as well as of the alliances to which these nations belong. There are 30 Treasures in total, scattered all over Orbis.

Treasure BonusesEdit

Treasures provide two bonuses; a Nation Treasure Bonus and an Alliance Treasure Bonus.

  • The Nation Treasure Bonus increases the income of the nation that holds a Treasure. Most treasures provide a 5% increase in the income of the nation due to this bonus, while there are 2 Treasures that provide a 9% increase. A nation having two or more Treasures gets a bonus from each and every Treasure.
  • The Alliance Treasure Bonus is a game mechanic that rewards alliances that have nations which possess Treasures. When alliance members possess treasures in their nations, then ALL of the members of the alliance (except for alliance applicants and nations not on the same color as this of the alliance) receive this bonus. The Alliance Treasure Bonus is calculated by the following formula:
Alliance Treasure Bonus = sqrt(Treasures in Alliance * 4)

It should be noted that a nation that holds a Treasure gets both the Nation Treasure Bonus and the Alliance Treasure Bonus, resulting in an increase of the nation's income of at least 7%.

Acquiring a TreasureEdit

There are two ways for a nation to acquire a Treasure; either a Treasure will spawn randomly in the nation or the nation will loot a Treasure from another nation.

  • Treasure Spawning: Each Treasure automatically respawns in a new nation every 60 days. Each Treasure may spawn in nations of a specific color or continent (see next section for these spawning requirements). On top of the color and continent requirements, there is one more restriction that applies: Treasures spawn in nations whose Nation Score is within a specific range, i.e. anywhere from 15% to 65% of the Highest Nation Score in Game. The reason for the score range is to keep new, potentially inactive nations from receiving the treasures and to promote war in higher tiers where it's less common.
  • Treasure Looting: Treasures are not commodities and can only be transferred through war. When you defeat (beige) a nation at War (get its Resistance to 0), you take one of its treasures at random. The timer of the Treasure (time till its next respawn) is not reset.

Once a nation acquires a Treasure, the Treasure's icon will appear at the nation's page. There is no limit to how many Treasures a nation or alliance can have. The distribution of the Treasures among the nations of Orbis can be found in an in-game leaderboards page displaying all of the treasures and who owns them.

Treasures DescriptionEdit

In total, there are 30 Treasures. 10 of them are simple minerals whereas the rest of them are Treasures inspired by real life historical or mythological artifacts. There are 2 Treasures for each one of the 14 nation colors available (not counting grey and beige) and 2 Treasures that can spawn in nations with any kind of color (yet again, excluding grey and beige). Also, there is 1 Treasure for each one of the 6 continents, while the rest of the 24 Treasures may spawn in any continent.

The following table presents a short descriprtion of all available Treasures as well as the requirements that have to be fulfilled by a nation for a Treasure to spawn in it, and the Nation Treasure Bonus they provide.

Note: Table is sortable by clicking on columns' headers
Icon Name (Link) Short Description Color Continent Bonus
Admonitionsscroll Admonitions Scroll An ancient Chinese silk painting Olive Any 5%
Suttonhoohelmet Sutton Hoo Helmet A historic Anglo-Saxon helmet Orange Any 5%
Warrencup Warren Cup An ancient drinking cup Aqua Any 5%
Hoahakananaia Hoa Hakananai'a A strange statue found on Easter Island Any Any 9%
Honjomasamune Honjo Masamune A famous Japanese katana made by the master swordsmith Masamune Brown Asia 5%
Libertybell Liberty Bell A symbol of independence in the new world Blue North America 5%
Ruby Ruby A special red gemstone Red Any 5%
Cymophane Cymophane A special yellow gemstone Yellow Any 5%
Sapphire Sapphire A special blue gemstone Blue Any 5%
Smokyquartz Smoky Quartz A special brown gemstone Brown Any 5%
Diamond Diamond A special white gemstone White Any 5%
Akandrum Akan Drum A historic drum from West Africa Green Any 5%
Ainsakhrilovers Ain Sakhri Lovers A 11,000 year old sculpture Black Any 5%
Mexicancodex Mexican Codex An ancient map of Aztec town plans Lime Any 5%
Pillarofashoka Pillar of Ashoka One of a series of columns spread throughout India Maroon Any 5%
Amethyst Amethyst A special purple gemstone Purple Any 5%
Hammurabiscode Hammurabi's Code A written set of laws introduced by Hammurabi Red Any 5%
Monalisa Mona Lisa A very famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci Aqua Europe 5%
Statueofdavid Statue of David A famous marble statue wrought by Michelangelo Olive Any 5%
Verguldedraeck Vergulde Draeck A very old dutch shipwreck in Australia Lime Australia 5%
Rosettastone Rosetta Stone An ancient Egyptian stone used to understand hieroglyphics Pink Africa 5%
Eldorado El Dorado A mythical treasure found in the city of gold Yellow South America 5%
Onyx Onyx A special black gemstone Black Any 5%
Holygrail Holy Grail A mythical golden chalice Any Any 9%
Terracottaarmy Terracotta Army A colection of Chinese army figures Maroon Any 5%
Kakiemonelephants Kakiemon Elephants A pair of Japanese elephant figures from 1600s White Any 5%
Jamesossuary James Ossuary An ancient box used for holding bones Purple Any 5%
Citrine Citrine A special orange gemstone Orange Any 5%
Tourmaline Tourmaline A special pink gemstone Pink Any 5%
Emerald Emerald A special green gemstone Green Any 5%


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