Treasure Island Bank Theft
Vital statistics
Participants GentlemanJack
Date November 11, 2016
Location Treasure Island, Orbis

The Treasure Island Bank Theft was an event which occurred on November 11, 2016 when GentlemenJack, government member of Blue Moon who had participated in the Treasure Island project stole its bank, publicly announced the theft, and fled into vacation mode. It was mentioned in the announcement topic by another that he had managed to steal 340 million dollars from Treasure Island.

Background Edit

Blue Moon was one of the alliances that participated in Treasure Island and thus GentlemenJack, who was a government of Blue Moon, was given access to the Treasure Island bank. On November 11, 2016 he publicly announced the theft in a call-out thread to The Syndicate who had set-up the project. After the theft's announcement, many denounced him for his treachery, while others did so for only getting away with 340 million saying it wasn't worth becoming persona non grata for such a small amount.

Along with the announcement of the theft, he announced the disbandment of Blue Moon fearing they would face retaliation though many in the announcement claimed that such a thing was unnecessary and that he had instead brought Blue Moon down with him by doing so.

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