Rose War Flag Flag of Tomainia

Admiral General TheGreatAladeen
Samurai of Rose
Basic Information
Founded 23rd, December 2016
Color brown
National Statistics
Government Type Dictatorship Dictatorship
Currency Gold Standard
GDP $2,052,063,797.56
Civilians 737,293
Area 8500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 86.74 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name National Self Defense Forces
Nation Rank 1476
Score 647.00
Infantry 0
Tanks 1250
Aircraft 234
Ships 15
Spies N.A.
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
Stadium: Field of Glory
Team: Tommies
National Capital New Delhi
Other Cities 6

The Rose Nation of Tomainia was founded by Admiral General Aladeen on 23rd December, 2016 after a long struggle led by Aladeen's National Liberation army against the oppressive regime of The Republic of India. Fed up with India's democracy, the residents of Tomainia requested Aladeen's National Liberation Army to establish a dictatorship. To ensure further progress of the nation, Aladeen soon enrolled his nation into the ranks of The Black Knights, but soon left and joined Rose after swearing total and lifelong loyalty to the organization. At present, with aid from his fellow brothers in Rose, Hynkel has transformed the nation from an impoverished state to a rapid-growing economy.


Currently, the nation favors very moderate economic policies. Aladeen has plans for massive investments into the economy in the near future. The Government of Tomainia release a press statement through the Tomainian National News Agency (TNNA) regarding the economic standing of the country on a monthly basis. The press statements are as follows-

  1. 8th January 2017- Net GDP is $902,807,513.04, GDP per capita is $2,776.69, Current Account Balance is $1,351,203.79 (+0.15%). Current growth rate is N.A. National debt is 0.
  2. 3rd February 2017- Net GDP is $2,052,063,797.56, GDP per capita is $2,783.24. Current Account Balance is $92,616.74 (+0.004%). Current growth rate is 127%. National debt is 389.85%


After independence, Aladeen reformed the National Liberation Army into the National Self Defense Forces (NSDF). The NSDF currently consists of 5 branches National Self Defense Land Force(NSDLF), National Self Defense Air Force(NSDAF), National Self Defense Naval Force(NSDNF), Tomainian National Intelligence Service(TNIS) and the Tomainial National Weapons Command (TNWC)

  1. NSDLF currently consists of 0 soldiers and 1250 tanks. The army is a voluntary service and is examined by Hynkel on a regular basis
  2. NSDAF currently consists of 234 aircrafts. Tomainia places high importance on it's planes and there are plans for huge investments in this direction in the near future.
  3. NSDNF currently consists of 10 corvettes, 5 frigates and a few training boats for training future navymen. Aladeen, in a recently released press statement, told that although navy is not a priority, his countrymen should expect more investments in this direction soon.
  4. The Government of Tomainia reserves high opacity regarding the TNIS. When asked about the actual spy strength, Aladeen, mysteriously smiles and says 'we have enough spies to defend out glorious motherland'.
  5. The TNWC is currently engaged in research with Rose for developing WMDs.


  1. Papers, Please - The nation, along with Rose, is a participant in the War against paperless , and was involved in offensives against 4 Arrgh nations. One nation surrendered to the forces of the NSDF and left Arrgh, two other nations conceded defeat after a long struggle, and Aladeen ended the last war with a truce. Aladeen also fought against two Roz Wei nations. Infrastructure damage (Dealt/ Taken) is (1362.25/216.00), leading to a major victory for the NSDF.
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