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Date 14-16 June 2016
Casus belli LUN raid on ToG nation
Result LUN disbands
Preceded by
Pacific War
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Succeeded by
Patriotic Wars
The Old Guard Flag.png
The Old Guard
Storm Division.png
Storm Division
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League of United Nations

The Old Guard Flag.png El Commander
Storm Division.png Eddard Stark

Micronesia Flag.png President Rayner

17 nations
12,892.41 score
40 nations
38,686.21 score
25 nations
7,103.06 score

The ToG-LUN War was a small conflict that began on the 14 June 2016 when The Old Guard declared war on the League of United Nations. It started in retaliation to a LUN raid against an Old Guard nation on 11 June 2016 with The Old Guard retaliating against the raider the following day. Another two days later they expanded it into a full blown alliance war. After one day in the war Storm Division suddenly starts attacking LUN in support of The Old Guard.

Conflicting Info

Both ToG-LUN War and Patriotic Wars claim to of disbanded League of United Nations. This article was made in 2016 and the conflicting info was only noticed in 2021, so we do not know which war actually resulted in the disbandment of LUN.


The Old Guard

The Old Guard (TOG) is a brown team alliance founded on 29 February 2016. As of the start of the war they are a protectorate of the Viridian Entente, have a MDoAP with The Light Federation, and a ODoAP With The Holy Britannian Empire. Their alliance page states 'Raiders will be beaten down and nuked. Consider this your warning.'. They are led by Lord Commander El Commander and Grand Duke Franklin.

League of United Nations

The League of United Nations (LUN) is a blue team alliance founded on 7 December 2015. As of the start of the war they have an MDP with The European Union, an ODP with the Sell-Swords, and an ODP with Magister Mortalis. Their alliance page states 'We always try to be just, so before attacking send someone a message and we will try and fix your problem. Also If you have any questions feel free to message the head of the department that could best handle your question or President Rayner if you're not sure.' They are led by President Rayner and Vice President Evan Clayton.

Storm Division

Storm Division (SD) newly formed originally merge from Shrunken and VarEn. Founded on Jun 05 they earned their reputation in Orbs while fighting along side with BoC in the Pacific War. They call themselves Warriors of Storm Division. They joined this war in support of ToG, but it was never official.


  • 06/14/2016 - The Old Guards first attack on LUN's members
  • 06/15/2016 - Storm Division, Arrgh, USRGC and Holy Britannian Empire starts raiding LUN's members
  • 06/15/2016 - Storm Division's members started full on raiding LUN's members


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