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Thunderstruck War
Date 08-18 December 2014
Casus belli INTL raids Asgard & agreed to reps but doesn't pay
Result INTL pays reps and signs NAP with Asgard
Preceded by
War of Purple Aggression
Succeeded by
Marionette War
Asgard Flag.jpg
INTL Anarchist Communist Front

Asgard Flag.jpg Sol Farmer

INTLFlag.png Xenodolf

27 nations
4,826.75 score
14 nations
1,576.19 score

The Thunderstruck War was a conflict that began on the 08 December 2014 when Asgard declared war on the INTL Anarchist Communist Front. It started in retaliation to INTL raids against Asgard nations. According to Asgard, INTL had agreed to peace the wars and pay reps but later never sent the reps. After 10 days of fighting, INTL agreed to pay the reps and also agreed to a NAP with Asgard.

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