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Basic Details
Founded October, 2, 2017
Headquarters Africa
Color White
Status Defunct
President Rafa
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Al Fappino
As of 2/11/2018
Total Nations 33
Score 17,597.50
Average Score 533.26
Alliance Rank 50
Active Blocs
member Enclave Bloc
Active Treaties
Protectorate Zodiac
MDoAP United Nations of America
MDoAP The Communist International
MDoAP Dragonstone
NAP Typhon
NAP Kingsmen
Protectorate Intertrade
Protectorate Sirius

Those Guys was an Aqua team alliance founded on October 2nd, 2017. It briefly skirmished with USMC before signing a life long treaty (protectorate) with Solidarity of Dragons.

Early Days Edit

Those Guys enjoyed the spotlight early on in it's history with rapid growth and a democratic Government. However it was plagued by the intervention of larger alliances and the early activities of its foreign minister 'TheShadow'.

After TheShadow signed Zodiac and eventually upgraded Solidarity of Dragons, the alliance entered a period of Stagnation. Only broken by it's entry into Enclave, though this was ultimately flawed as their lack luster activity, inability to fight in the blocs only war and stubborn government prevented them from joining the fledgling Atlas.

Those Guys then became a Vassal alliance as the government moved to 'Celestia' and only utilized it to farm resources. Another communist alliance led by Joseph V. Stalin was made for the same purpose.

Celestia suffered a gov split in August, 2018 and half of them moved to Camelot. In October 2018 they began poaching from Typhon (then ally of Camelot) resulting in the termination of their (La Mafia) protectorate and the rolling of Kru (Celestia's President).

The remaining members of Celestia formed the 'Egyptian Empire'. Their Econ minister dodging war in their noble tradition. All Ex-members of Celestia refuse to run anything but wind power, despite having anywhere between 12-18 cities.

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