Thorne Nocturne

Thorne Nocturne

Born Unknown
Title Crimson Witch
Affiliation Witch Council, Witch Senate
Age 5,000+
Height 5'7"
Thorne Nocturne is a member of the Witch Council, the governing body of Rokkenjima.

She has lived for over 5,000 years, and is among the oldest and most powerful witches in existence. During that time, she has earned the title of Crimson Witch. Thorne has been described as the embodiment of a Camellia flower for the many instances of red on her clothing, as well as her deep red eye color. She is usually seen using Camellia petals as her main method of attack. Her more powerful abilities remain unknown. Thorne holds the rank of Creator, the highest rank there is, and is one of three Creators in the Witch Council.


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