Thestral Directorate

Thestralflag Flag of Thestral Directorate

First Speaker Anneal
of Future War Cult
Basic Information
Founded March 30, 2017 (real time), July 2014 (game time)
Color Aqua
National Statistics
Government Type Constitutional Republic Constitutional Republic
Currency Bits
Civilians 4.23M (as of September 2018)
Area 47,500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 89.16 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Night Guard
Nation Rank #576
Score 3,015.00
National Capital Hollow Shades

The Thestral Directorate, formerly known as the Thestral Federation, is an aqua nation founded in July 2014 (Orbis Time) / March 30, 2017 (Real Time) currently in the micro-alliance Future War Cult. The predominantly bat-pony populated nation is run by the Physical Assembly, led by the First Speaker Anneal. Dominated by mountainous ranges and vast forests, the nation is sparsely populated; its population is highly urbanized, and its urban areas are relatively diverse, from cities built low above ground, against the more mildly weathered coast, or within caves underground.

History (In-Game)Edit

Back in January 2, 2015 (Jan 1988 Orbis Time), Anneal joined Politics and War as Andreas Markides of the Second Republic of Cyprus, a black nation on the island of Cyprus. He joined the Black Knights in January 4, 2015, becoming its 15th member. As the time a fairly small and relatively unknown nation, the Second Republic managed to reach the top 100 nations in terms of score by late 2015, and was also one of the early nations to purchase the NRF project and nukes. He also participated in various wars, from the FSA-tS War to Oktoberfest under BK. He went inactive by the turn of 2016, however, and the Second Republic was later deleted due to inactivity.   

Later, he returned to the game as Anneal, establishing the Thestral Federation in March 30, 2017. He joined Black Knights again on the same day, and participated in the Trail of Tiers. He left Black Knights on June 23, 2017, to join Knights Templar that same day. Initially becoming low gov FA in mid-July, Anneal switched to low gov MilCom in late November before becoming high gov MilCom for a short amount of time before leaving in early-March 2018 due to a falling out with certain members within the alliance. During his time in KT, he participated in a few minor conflicts such as the Oblivion-Zeon War and Kastor's Karma War.   

He joined Adeptus Mechanicus after spending two weeks in VM, immediately returning from VM to fight in the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; a few after the war, Adeptus merged with Elysium to form MAGE Incorporated in May 31, 2018. This new alliance, however, was fairly short-lived, dissolving in August 23, 2018 due to a major scandal. He is now currently in Future War Cult.   

"FUTURE WAR CULT DOESN'T EXIST YA DINGUS" - From a dear friend, Joshua/June/October/Josh   

History (Roleplay) Edit

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