The Church

The nation started as a theocratic Empire in Italy serving under the Frog Pope and Frogism but the nation was in turmoil after the first pope died from cancer but Pope Frog the 13th rose from the archbishop rank to pope but his rain was not to last as an outbreak of smallpox caused strikes in the coal mines and factorys and a man by the name of Vladimir Frogin started a communist revolution in frome imprisoning the Pope and disbanding the church.

Communist rule

The nation thrived for a 210 turns until a bad harvest caused a riot in frome and Vladimir being kicked out of the party and shot in the head which caused another riot and production stopped but then like a gift from the frog Acadia gave a grant to the nation allowing production to continue and more cites to be made but the F.C.C started to become very unstable due to the death of Vladimir and the current ruler Froglin was assassinated by his own party and his body was then hung from the Holy Castle (the capital building of the nation) and with no leader the party collapsed.

Communist flag 1

The Council

The council took charge for 30 turns but the council was mostly made up of business men and women so there goal was to find someone to lead and they did

The Empire

On may 29th Emperor Frogan was crowned Emperor Frogan the holy king of the duchy of swamp and log and royal guardian of the kingdom of frog he then marred a young frog by the name of marigold but she was christian and most higher class citizens of the Empire rioted over the marriage but the military stopped them imminently but then in a debate with a fellow member of Acadia he had a heart attack and was rushed into the ER but then he died many citizens believe he was poisoned by the council but they are just rumors but never the less Emperor Frogsten was crowned and his first order was to kill the queen and she was shot the next day but the Emperor was a stupid man and was over thrown by Democratic Uprising

Kingdom flag 2

The Republic

The republic was short lived only lasting 1 day president Kermit was a smart man but he couldn't stabilize the nation and was killed by a monarchist revolution

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