This alliance merged with Spartan Union to form Spartan Republic.

The Workers Republic

Flag of The Workers Republic

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Basic Details
Founded Unknown
Color Red
Status Defunct
Leader(s) Mao Zedong
Active Blocs
Bloc Federated States of Orbis
Active Treaties
Treaty Spartan Republic

The Workers Republic is the remnants of the former Socialist League. Founded by Deadesec, Abdul Razak, and Sliosa. After Comrade Deadsec got banned from the game Comrade Mao Zedong became the new head of Party.

The Socialist League formed when Deadsec, Sliosa, and Abdul Razak decided to leave the United Socialist Nations (USN).

After the Great war ( NPO's Last time ) the Alliance went through depression, which demoralized many members causing them to leave the game.

History of Leaders:

1- Deadsec

2- Allend

3- Deadsec's second reign

4- Allend's two months before taking a break.

5- Mao Zedong

As of now The Workers Republic and Spartan Union have merged and have formed Spartan Republic.

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