Witch Senate
 Welcome to the Senate of Witches. Here you may browse through the chronicles that are the kakera. Please, make yourself at home, and enjoy your stay. If you get bored, why not partake in one of our many games? 

The Witch Senate is the overseeing body for all witches in existence. They operate within the Meta World, and very rarely involve themselves with the events of the real world.

The structure of the organization remains unknown, as well as the exact number of members. Although its job is to govern every witch in existence, only witches of a certain rank are able to join. Once a witch reaches the rank of Voyager, they are eligible to join the Senate. The organization does not have a singular leader, as every Senate member has influence over decision and law making.

History & Members

Since the Battle of the Witch Senate in 27 BMR, the Senate has become involved with overseeing any nation under the control of witches that may form. Rokkenjima is currently the only nation that is overseen and protected by the Senate. The Meta Board was also once under the Senate's protection. Several members of the Senate are even involved in Rokkenjima’s government. The current Senate members include:

The government of Rokkenjima is free to operate however they so choose, with the Senate only stepping in when absolutely necessary. Several world leaders have expressed concern over the organization’s intentions, with some outright denying its existence. Most of the information regarding the Witch Senate is highly classified, leading all efforts by various leaders to uncover more information to fail.


  • The government of the Meta Board (formerly the Greater Meta Republic) shared the name Witch Senate. They were, however, different and operated independently of one another. It was eventually renamed the "Meta Board Senate" to ease confusion. This name was abolished following Aisling Duval's rise to power.
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