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Basic Details
Founded 2 April, 2020
Color darkblue
Status Active
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  • James XVI
  • The Royalist
Flying General
  • Penguin
  • ForgotPants
  • Damid Canter
  • Solomon Sorrd
  • Constantius
  • Reece
As of 26 July, 2020
Total Nations 54
Score 109,699.37
Average Score 2,031.47
Alliance Rank #27
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDAP Terminus Est
Protectorate The United Front

The Wei is a lime color bloc alliance formed on April 2nd, 2020; as a rebrand of Empyrea. The theme is based on the original Roz Wei alliance which was founded by well-known and controversial player Rozalia. As of July 26th, 2020; it had 54 members.

Background Edit

The Wei can trace it's history back to the founding of Roz Wei in August 2015. It's founder was Rozalia, a prolific player and forum user, and the author of the Legends of Rozalia - a multi-part in-character Epic detailing Rozalia and Roz Wei's history and accomplishments. Over the first year, Roz Wei picked up a number of members that now play key roles in The Wei, namely: James XVI (Berrean) - one of the current co-leaders; Penguin (Evergreen Republic) - the Flying General, and ForgotPants (NoPantsistan) - an advisor. Similarly, many other prominent members of The Wei also spent time in Roz Wei. Following Rozalia's departure from Orbis, leadership was passed to Akak - a long-time government member. Akak was shortly joined by James XVI, and jointly negotiated a merger with their protectorate Sassania. It is from this merger that Roz Wei rebranded to Empyrea, gained The Royalist as a leader, and regained a strong core of members that had tailed off somewhat (mainly from inactivity) in the latter months of Roz Wei. Empyrea returned the alliance to strengths it had not realistically seen since the conclusion of Papers, Please. Militarily strengthened, but politically weakened following a costly war with House Stark, Empyrea ended it's paperless stance on politics that had carried over from Roz Wei, and signed treaties with The Golden Horde and Knights Templar in the formation of an independent bloc of alliances. It was with this bloc that Empyrea fought two consecutive wars over the majority of 2019 (Surf's Up and NPO's Last Time) that resulted in, like many alliances at this time, a significant drop in activity and membership. Empyrea dropped from a peak rank of 8 before Surf's Up, to sub-50 in February 2020, causing some impression that the alliance would disband. However, rebuilding was completed, recruitment was renewed, and The Wei was formed with a view to refresh the alliance, and realign itself closer thematically with the original Roz Wei.

Governance Edit

The Wei is under the dual leadership of the 'Regents' - currently James XVI and The Royalist. They are in turn advised by Penguin, the 'Flying General'. The bulk of the government is comprised of 'Excellencies' (higher government) and 'Warlords' (lower government). Regular membership comprises of the 'Weists' - a term originally used in Roz Wei. Similarly, the role of Flying General was the original position of Roz Wei's second in command, held by Mayor until his retirement, and AkAk until Rozalia's departure from Orbis. The Wei, unlike Roz Wei has no formal constitution or charter, however the Regents and the Flying General generally share equal control, with the Flying General primarily overseeing Foreign Affairs.

Conflicts Edit

While having fought wars under the name Empyrea, The Wei has not fought in any wars.

Treaties Edit

Active Edit

Former Edit

Alliance Adverts Edit

The Wei has released a large series of alliance adverts, some of which can be seen below. Whilst some have been banned from use for their choice of content, others have reportedly confused players (see Politics and Wei), as well as resulting in embargoes against the alliance and it's members.

Card Game Edit

As of July 2020, work was being made to complete a Wei themed collectable card game. The game is being devised by Penguin, and has a public channel dedicated to it in The Wei's Discord server.

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