The Verthill Accords

Rose Peace Flag
Lordaeron Flag

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: November 22, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Verthill Accords is a Mutual Defense Pact signed between Rose and Lordaeron on November 22, 2016.

I. Secrets of the Garden

Both Rose and Lordaeron (hereby referred to as 'the parties') will solve any and all issues in private.

II. White Roses

No member of either of the parties shall ever declare war on, or commit an act of espionage on a member of the opposite party.

III. Elvish Spies

Under this MDP, both parties are obligated to share intelligence that is crucial (important/beneficial) to the other signatory’s defense.

IV. Defending the Garden

Both parties will actively work to ensure that the other never remains alone in a battle. Should one party come under attack, the other is obligated, under this treaty to help defend.

VI. Pesky Orcs

Should either party engage in military action due to the activation of outside agreements, military allocation is encouraged, but not obligatory.

VII. Leaving the Garden

Should either of the parties feel the need to cancel this treaty, it must be done with a 72-hour notice so that it is guaranteed to be thoroughly discussed in both of the parties.


Signed for Lordaeron

High King: Kylo Ren
Crown Prince: Kelson
Duke: James XVI
Paladin of Internal Affairs: Sonic
Paladin of War: Solaire
Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Britishdude
Paladin of Economics: Talerong
Captain of Foreign Affairs: Penguin
Captain of War: Charles Talleyrand

Signed for Rose

Shogun: Durmij
Empress: Lilac
Daimyo of War: Rozz
Daimyo of IA: Vack
Daimyo of FA: Ibnar
Daimyo of Gifs (Honorary): Kurdanak

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