The Vanguard-Bad Company Pact

Bad Company
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The Vanguard
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: July 19, 2018
Treaty Terminated: November 15, 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Vanguard-Bad Company Pact was a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between the alliances of The Vanguard bloc and Bad Company on July 19, 2018.


In recognition that the signatory alliances are committed to the continued prosperity and development of their respective member nations, we, the assembled members of the signatory alliances resolve to enter into this pact between our collective bodies in the belief that said agreement will further the causes to which we cling.

Article I

This pact will be in effect immediately and unto perpetuity. If any signatory alliance takes part in coordinated military action against another signatory alliance, that alliance will be subject to full scale military retribution.

Article II

The pact will act as predetermined authorization from all parties to formally request assistance in any war against any unsigned alliance or nation. Each signatory alliance has the option, but not obligation, to provide whatever military and financial assistance is available provided the war or conflict in question has been deemed just by the leaders of the signatory alliances. In the cases of a defensive request, the signatory alliances are obligated to assist so long as the conflict is generated, not a treaty-based response, but in a purely unwarranted or unjust offensive.

Article III

The signatory alliances recognize the need for selective protection in regards to the security and well being of member nations. To that end, the signatory alliances agree to share intelligence that is determined to be detrimental in nature to the well being of other signatory alliances. The sharing of said intelligence will be handled strictly via formal diplomatic channels.

Article IV

The signatory alliances mutually agree that should any one member wish to dissolve this treaty, they may do so, provided they give a 96-hour notice of cancellation to all members of this treaty through formal diplomatic channels.


Signed for Bad Company

Alexio - Chief Executive Officer
DemonSpawn - Chief Operations Officer
Fulcrum - Director of Public Relations
Peter Quill - Director of Public Relations
Charlie Traveler - Director of Human Resources
Kiloist II - Director of Finance
HannaH - Director of Security

Signed for The Vanguard

Sval - Order of the White Rose
Delacroix - Order of the White Rose
AlmightyGrub - Polaris
WSxPhoenix - Polaris
Therana - The United Empire of Zah'Aharon
Roose - The United Empire of Zah'Aharon

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