The Unjust Highway

New Pacific Order
New Pacific Order Flag
GOONS Flag 2

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 2 October 2019
Treaty Status: Active

The Unjust Highway is a MDoAP signed by New Pacific Order and GOONS on 2nd October 2019.

The Oath Edit

We the New Pacific Order (NPO) and the Goon Order of Ordinances, Neutrality and Sabotage (GOONS) in desire to protect one another and to signify our Trust, Loyalty and Unity in one another, hereby swear to dedicate ourselves, our nations and our alliances for the collective security of our respective communities. We hereby also swear to remain diplomatic and respectful towards each other and resolve our differences in private.

The CircleEdit

The NPO and GOONS agree to not divulge private information between one another to uninvolved parties. Both the above mentioned alliances also agree to not conduct espionage, aid enemies or in any form or manner (bank-holding, aiding etc.) help alliances who mean harm to either party. The NPO and GOONS also agree that for as long as the Unjust Path is in effect, to maintain peace and harmony between one another.

Unity Edit

The undersigned alliances swear to commit their military, financial and political resources to defend each other from aggressive actions of third parties.

In case of either party wishing to undertake aggressive action against a third party, the other alliance reserves the right to intervene with support, but is not obligated to do so.




This treaty will come into force one signed by both parties. Once enforced, the treaty may be cancelled at any time with a 72 hour notice to the other signatory, during which period, all the clauses of this treaty are still in effect.


Signed for the New Pacific OrderEdit

Emperor: Roquentin

Regent: Lord of Darkness

Lord Commander (2nd-In-Command): Keshav

Signed for the Goon Order of Ordinances, Neutrality and SabotageEdit

El Presidente la Langosta: Do Not Fear Jazz

Optimus Prime Minister: Redacted

Hambassidor: JT Jag

Penile Envoy: Comrade Marx

Lard Commandante: Khris Kruel

Dumbo Wrangler: Archibald

Bus Fare Guru: Agni365

Corvid Comptroller: Oh Tiniest Bird

High War Adjudicator: Dancemasterlee

Hurr Comm: Sardonic

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