The Unity Council

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Flag of The Unity Council

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Basic Details
Founded October 20th, 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Blue
Status Defunct
President Kin Jae-hun
Executive of Internal Affairs [IA] Vacant
Executive of Foreign Affairs [FA] Francis Drake
Executive of Banking [IA] Vacant
Executive of the Battlefield [FA] Vacant
Executive of Recruitment [IA/FA] Vacant
As of October 20th, 2016
Total Nations 2
Score 189.24
Average Score 94.62
Alliance Rank 147
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP and Vassal Agreement Avansies

The Unity Council (TUC) is a a global unity of nations wanting democracy, freedoms, and free roaming.

It was created after the War of Trust as a independent vassal to Avansies, as a agreement to peace.

 Government Edit

The Unity Council is a democratic alliance located on the continent of Europe. The President (Often referred to as POTUC), is the leader of the alliance. The Vice- President is the co-leader of the alliance. The Executives are the people that assist the President and Vice-President, in different areas, and the positions are split up in to two divisions, Internal Affairs (IA) and Foreign Affairs (FA), there are 2 positions in each, with only one position being in both. Because The Unity Council is ran democratically, there are also elections every 3 months for office, with the people's vote making the only votes, as the runners are not allowed to vote for themselves.

 History Edit

The alliance started out as an former alliance called the European Union (EU), it was a micro 2 member alliance, it was a peaceful alliance up until the War of Trust, however the EU did win the war, but there were terms for peace, one of which was create a alliance that instantly becomes a Avansies vassal, and thus is how The Unity Council was born.

 Wars Edit

Soviet Union Flag

Past Wars (as the European Union):

War of Trust (Result: Victory)

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