File:Old 4-Stars Flag of Nioningal

The United Democracy of Nioningal Prime Minister Miles Brooks
Member of Trident
Basic Information
National Statistics
Government Type File:Representative Democracy.png Representative Democracy
Currency Euro
Civilians Approx. 60,000
Area Approx. 1,040 mi²
Military Strength
Military name The Unifed Forces of Trident and Nioningal
National Capital Dawsonis
Other Cities Tridentia

The United Democracy of Nioningal is a small nation in northern Europe led by Prime Minister Miles Brooks. Nioningal is a Democracy, holding elections for a new prime minister every 45 days. Nioningal is also a member of Trident, a small, 30 man alliance.

The history of Nioningal:

Nioningal was founded in July 17, 1995. It joined Trident less than a year later. On July 18 of the same year, Miles Brooks was elected to be prime minister. Brooks has since then implemented very Liberal polices, and considers himself, "A full blooded Nionian Liberal Party member."

Cool Facts:

-Nioningal chooses to use their own flag, the classic "Old 4-Stars", instead of using Trident's.

-The people of Nioningal refer to themselves as Nionians.

-Nioningal's primary export is Munitions.

-Nioningal has a population of approximately 60,000 people.

-Nioningal has 1,040 square miles of land. This is about the square milage of New Jersey.

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