The Underground

The Underground Flag
Flag of The Underground

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Basic Details
Founded 17 October 2018
Color Aqua
Status Defunct
The Shadow RightHonorable
Ghost of Internal Affairs LeftBehind
Ghost of Economics Admiral Trench
Ghost of Defense Itov Archadeus
Ghost of Foreign Affairs Vacant
As of 17 November 2018
Total Nations 11
Score 10,335.10
Average Score 939.55
Alliance Rank 79
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Frontier Records

The Underground was an Aqua alliance which was formed on 17 October 2018.

Alliance Announcements Edit

Treaty History Edit

Type Status Alliance
Protectorate Active Frontier Records
Venture Protection Agreement Upgraded Bad Company

Conflicts Edit

War Opponent Outcome
Inquisition-Bad Company War Camelot & Ragnarok Ongoing
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