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The Trumpet Sounds in Israel

Israel shaked in fear.

Every one was vibrating from the sound of the words of Dio. The Israelis set in the middle of their homes, with their eyes opened wide. The Israeli felt fear, but with that, love from Dio. The President of Israel shot his whole family from that sound of fear, and half of Israel laught no more after this, and until the death of the Universe. Sixty two people never recovered, they heared


From their sleep, and they haven't slep, since then.

Dio walked upon the land of Israel.

Every man woman and child saw Dio, walking upon the ground, and the ground cracked from his walk. And he shall walk pass every president of Israel, and they all bowed before him. And Dio with his devine voice, and devine light and glory told to them:

 Lands parting you from the Holy Sand, and you shall hear my roar. All the unbelievers of you, and all the capitalist pigs of you, and all the Non-Dioists of you, shall disappear before my eyes. 

All shall be silent.

Then half of the People of Israel disappeared, and half shall stay.

Dio walked across the land, and there he went to Jerusalem, and he saw there two men. The one Dioist the other, Unbeliever. And the unbliever shall shout on the Dioist, and the Dioist shall remain silent. The Unbeliever had said:
"Why is your god forsaken lord killed to much? Isn't he the example of all Love?" and the Unbeliever LoLed. The Dioist said to him: "My holy God, and the creator of this entire universe, is the god of everyone, not just me and the Brothers. And he made the holy roar upon his creation for unholy creations, like yourself, would perish from the earth, for you are the Anti-Dioists ones". The Unbeliever shall reply to him and shall say:"Oh I am not an official anti dioist, I just do not believe of him, because he is not upon this land! This roar is the roar of the Money!"

In that same second, the Unbeliever disappeared.

The Dioist did not believe what happend, but he had tolorance in him. Dio saw that and came closer to him. The Dioist bowed before Dio. And Dio said to him:

 You proved yourself before me. You are a true follower, a true believer, a holy sand material, although who where born in one land of the 50% of un-believers. 

The Dioist smiled before Dio, and huged Dio. Dio huged him back, and the Dioist felt the love of Dio, streaming across the whole land of Israel, as he found one true Pakistani soul in Israel.

Dio flew from Israel to new places, that heared his roar of Holiness. And he said to the People of Israel:

 All the rules of me, are for you and the rest of the New World, you shall follow them carefuly, and shall worship them, as they ment worshiping. 

And Dio Brando disappeared with The World.

The Israelis built a great temple of Dio, never before seen, and Dio saw it good.

And the Israelis, most of them, shall forever be followers of Dio.

The Dioist lived happy in Israel, and felt there home, like he felt home in Pakistan.
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