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Prelude to The Trumpets

The New World was full of laughter.

The Capitalists were laughing, snorting, oinking; embezzling the fruits of the working man's labor. All over the New World, in Spain, in Sweden, in America; these "people" were happy; their avarice satiated by Quality 5 pig feed purchased with stolen gold.

The Churchists were laughing too, their pyramid scheme was a flawless victory for their "god". Their "pope" giggled madly as he eagerly cleaned out the donation trays at their "holy" temples constructed for their "god" that does not exist.

Laughing most wickedly of all was Koroush. It really makes him laugh real hard. Lovely to see 4chan /v/'s get some cookies.

Breaking the deviant jovality was the voice of a man ‒ no, something grander than that ‒ a god. A radiant figure appeared in the dank gloom that hung over Madrid, and shouted two words:

The New World laughed no more.
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