Pre-War Edit

The Charming Friends are an alliance that likes to demolish smaller alliances for little to no reason. First went USSF, then The Forsaken Flock, which they later turned into their slave alliance, then Thunder Legion. Recently, there had been a scandal on the World Forums regarding the number of multiple accounts there were in the alliance Charming Friends. The leading prosecutor was Chancellor Hugo, a member of the Socialist Workers Front at the time.

War Declaration Edit

One day in 1993, three pirate nations from the Charming Friends all declared war on Thorn within one hour. They had the entire Republic surrounded. Chancellor Hugo asked for peace terms, but they were rejected. The Charming Friends had one mission: genocide of the Thornese people. Throughout the wars, it is estimated that over a million innocent civilians were killed.

Peace? Edit

After the so called "Charming Friends" were forced to leave Thorn for unknown reasons, no peace deal had yet been made. Thornian spies have warned the Chancellor that more attacks may be headed for the Republic at any time.


To the left is a picture of a Thornian being taken to a CF extermination camp. Over 500,000 Thornese citizens are estimated to have died in extermination camps built by the "Charming Friends".

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