Overview Edit

The Test Server is a separate server. It's still based in Orbis, but in the future, literally, the years are ahead by a few decades.

The player's main goal is to help Alex/Sheepy test new functions, items, look for bugs, glitches, etc. However, the player can still do the normal game routines such as Alliances, Wars, Alliance Wars, Trade, OBL, etc.

The link for the test server is <Test Server> or

Creating a New Nation Edit

Unlike in the original game, when a player starts they receive more resources and money right when they create the nation. The player receives 10,000 tons of Coal, 10,000 tons of Oil, 50,000 tons of Gasoline, 50,000 tons of Munitions, 50,000 tons of Steel, 50,000 tons of Aluminum, 100,000 tons of Food, and $100,000,000.

Rules Edit

The Test Server is basically "Anarchy" with only a few rules.

  • Only one nation per player
  • No Hacking
    • this includes going into an account that isn't the player's, without the permission of that owner of the account
    • stealing passwords and giving them out to the public of anyone
    • hacking into the donate page and stealing credits
    • Changing anything in the game, except for devs/Alex
    • Hacking into admin to get powers
  • threatening to kill players, in Real Life using P&W direct messaging
  • banning players without good reasoning (Mods)

Layout Edit

The layout of the test game is extremely similar to the original game/website. Expect instead of the blue colored bars it's red colored bars. Examples which are images from MinesomeMC.

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