The Tempest Order

Tempest Flag
Flag of The Tempest Order

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Basic Details
Founded October 23rd 2015
Headquarters Africa
Color Yellow
Status Defunct
Emperor Stormrideron
Overseer of Economics Vacant
Overseer of Foreign Affairs Vacant
Overseer of Military Vacant
Overseer of Communications Vacant
Warden of Gatherer GentlemanJack
As of 2/7/16
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate InGen

"Storm, Gale, Tsumai and Inferno!"

- The Tempest Order


The Tempest Order or known as (TO) is a neutral alliance with a role to maintain peace and to provide stable economic growth and protection. The Tempest Order was found in Africa by Emperor Stormrideron. Located in Africa where it is very rich in diamond and near the Middle East for oil to equip their modern military peacekeeping force. 

Government SystemEdit

Overseer of MilitaryEdit

Oversees the defense of The Tempest Order and response to any cyberattacks including unauthorized spies. Overseer of Military also measures the threat level for security reasons. They also sepcializes in War and is Emperor's Second in Command Chief.

Overseer of Foregin AffairsEdit

Develop relationships with the other alliances around Planet Orbis. Overseer of Foregin Affairs ensures that the diplomatic ties is solid and works toward building a strong connection between The Tempest Order and the allies.

Overseer of EconomicsEdit

Specializes on economic to ensure growth of The Tempest Order by providing funds to members. Overseer of Economics also works on Economic Pact with other alliances to bolster economic ties between The Tempest Order and other alliances. Alliances who have Economic Pact with The Tempest Order usually recieves discount off the price of resources.

Overseer of CommuncationsEdit

Specializes in communications with other alliances and within the members to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Overseer of Communcations is also an exceptional communicator, keeping the people in the loop. Nobody should go without being aware and it is one of the highest priority for Overseer of Communcations.




October 25th - Ministries and Ambassdors was changed to Overseers and Prophets to better align the theme of Alliance. 

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