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The Syndicate
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Basic Details
Foundation Nov 21, 2014
Headquarters Nassau, The Bahamas
Color Green
Status Active
Executive Board
Chief Security Officer Shiho
Chief Financial Officer Vemek
Chief Global Strategist WANA
Chief Operations Officer Lucas
Vice Presidents
VP of Finance Bayek
VP of Security Golden Pope
VP of Operations Jhonny
VP of Global Strategy Gaius Julius Caesar
VP of Research & Development Pabby
Active Treaties

The Syndicate (also known as t$) is a major corporate themed and economically focused alliance in Orbis located on the Green Team.

The Syndicate Charter

Main article: The Syndicate Charter

The Syndicate Charter is a document that outlines the principles of the Syndicate, the role of government, and the general rules by which the alliance is run. The Charter was adopted on the 7th of January 2015.



The Syndicate was founded on the 21st of November, 2014. On the 25th of December 2014, it publicly declared it's existence in a statement on the OWF. The mission statement of the Syndicate was declared to be as follows:

The only legitimate form of philanthropy is the continuous growth of one's business and wealth of one’s shareholders, and hence, the prosperity of one's market. This founding principle propels us forward in our conviction that the advancement of society relies on hierarchies that cannot be artificially altered by fiscally unsound policies such as ‘income redistribution’, ‘social justice’, and ‘sustainability’. Instead, we at the Syndicate Corporation believe in making the pie bigger for all, by striving to make it larger for ourselves. Through the ongoing acquisition and efficient utilization of resources, liquidity, and investments, we are proud to take a leading role in realizing a better world for mankind.

At the time of its declaration of existence, the Syndicate was under the leadership of Partisan, Roy Mustang, and Cynic (aka Psycho). The Syndicate grew quickly taking a position in the top 15 alliances and gaining a reputation as an extremely active, competent and high-potential small alliance. An early treaty with Viridian Entente afforded the Syndicate protection while it grew. In turn, the Syndicate became the protector of Black Knights in early January, 2015.

FSA-tS War

The Syndicate soon got its first taste of blood in the FSA-tS War. The war broke out after a series of raids on the Syndicate by the Frontier Sort Alliance. On January 25, the Syndicate declared war on the FSA, and was backed up by its allies Viridian Entente and Black Knights. The FSA promptly disbanded resulting in hostilities ending on 29 January 2015. This action endeared the Syndicate to certain members of the Elysian League who had long plotted against FSA. On April 20th, 2015, The Elysian League merged into the Syndicate. The former government of the Elysian League would go on to hold key positions in the Syndicate as its rapid growth continued.

The Great VE War

On the 19th of May 2015, the Great VE War broke out as a result of a series of leaks. These leaks indicated that Guardian, Mensa HQ, Seven Kingdoms, Terminus Est and several other alliances intended to destroy Viridian Entente by using Rose as "unwitting pawns". Seven Kingdoms, Guardian, and Mensa, seeking to gain a first mover advantage, pre-emptively declared on Viridian Entente. On the third day of the war, the Syndicate entered the war declaring on Guardian in defense of Viridian Entente along with several other alliances. As the war continued, more and more alliances joined the war on Viridian Entente's side. Despite early losses, the tide of the war turned and carried the Viridian Entente alliance to victory.

Aftermath of the Great VE War

The Great VE War saw a toppling of the then dominant powers in Orbis. This resulted in a power vacuum which the Syndicate and Viridian Entente stepped in to claim. Guardian had proven itself to be a capable and competent power during the war, graceful in defeat. The Syndicate therefore moved to foster deeper relations, and signed a treaty within a month of the war's end. Viridian Entente, was more ambitious still and sought to form a treaty with the United Purple Nations which was at that time the second strongest alliance in the game. The treaty would have created a political axis around which the Syndicate, BoC, DEIC and WWF (among others) would have orbited - putting the Syndicate in the backseat of a stronger union. If the treaty were a success, Rose would be isolated and eventually rolled. However, if the treaty were rejected, Viridian Entente intended to treaty Rose instead.

This treaty policy created tension between the Syndicate and VE for two reasons. Firstly, if the treaty were a success, the Syndicate would be dis-empowered - no longer an equal partner but a radial alliance. Secondly, UPN took a long time replying to VE and while this was happening, the Syndicate had to request that its own allies did not treaty Rose (as this would result in many complications if and when Rose was eventually rolled). This caused considerable difficulties for the Syndicate. Eventually, matters came to a head after a series of heated exchanges between the Syndicate and VE. A compromise was reached - VE abandoned its UPN treaty plans and formed a bloc with the Syndicate and Rose, called Paragon. However, although this solved the immediate issue, much damage had been done to the Syndicate - Viridian Entente relationship. Good will had been soured and suspicions brewed on both sides. From this point on, the relationship between Impero (then leader of VE) and Partisan (then head of Syndicate FA) began to deteriorate rapidly. For the first time, the Syndicate started considering moving away from Viridian Entente.

As soon as Paragon came into existence, onlookers observed that there would eventually be war between Paragon and the Covenant, which was at that time the other dominant force on Orbis. Long term, the Syndicate had begun the process of moving away from Viridian Entnte, but such a move was impossible in the short term with war looming. With this in mind, the Syndicate set out planning the coming war, with the intention of winning the inevitable war quickly. The plan was to fake rising tensions between Paragon and the paperless alliances Arrgh and TEst to disguise a military build up. Once at full strength, Paragon and the paperless alliances would turn on the Covenant alliances, reducing them rapidly. However, this plan was never to come to fruition.

Cynic Logs and withdrawal from Paragon

While still in its early stages, logs relating to the plan were leaked by Cynic (one of the founders of the Syndicate), due to a grudge he held against Partisan. The logs were first leaked to VE and the UPN, and then spread quickly across Orbis, causing much upset. Viridian Entente had previously said did not wish to work with Arrgh or TEst, and so they perceived Partisan to have been going behind their back. In a forceful post in the VE embassy on the Syndicate forums, Impero suggested that Partisan step down from his position. After discussing the matter internally, the members of the Syndicate expressed their continued confidence in and support for Partisan. Partisan remained in his position at head of the Syndicate's foreign affairs and set the wheels in motion for a rapid shift away from Viridian Entente.

On August 8, 2015, The Syndicate cancelled its MDoAP with Viridian Entente and withdrew from the Paragon bloc.[1] Three days later, on August 11 the Syndicate announced a new treaty with Mensa HQ.[2] This treaty created the core of a new power bloc containing the Syndicate, Mensa and Guardian. Coupled with the Syndicate's protectorates Black Knights and The Knights Radiant these alliances represented seeds from which Syndisphere would eventually develop. On the very same day, the Viridian Entente and Rose added Vanguard as the new third party in the Paragon bloc.

The Proxy War

While the Mensa treaty strengthened the Syndicate's position, it also resulted in VE/Rose perceiving the Syndicate as a newly bolstered threat. Rose and Mensa had a complicated history of both ingame and OOC hostility and this, coupled with the Syndicate's history with VE, seemed to make war an inevitability. Rumors of war spread rapidly around Orbis as both sides plotted their next move. Rose had active treaties to DEIC which complicated a direct Mensa-Rose war. Mensa were eager to attack Rose, but doing so would have brought DEIC in on their side. Similarly, if Rose were to hit Mensa, UPN would have joined in on Mensa's side. This stance was confirmed by both DEIC and UPN, and heavily influenced the proceedings of the war.

Around this time, the Syndicate received intel leaked directly from the Paragon coalition channel. Paragon identified tS/Guardian as the primary threat and discussed various tactics including a pre-emptive strike. The logs also discussed attempts by Paragon to get Black Knights (who were also allied to Rose), to cancel their treaty with the Syndicate. At this point, Mensa decided to undertake a pre-emptive strike against Vanguard in order to force a response from Rose/VE without activating the DEIC/UPN treaties. On August 21, they declared war, sounding the first notes of what was to become a global war known as the Proxy War. Vanguard had not militarised sufficiently, and was obliterated in a day or two, effectively taking them out of the equation. Two days later, Rose launched a poorly coordinated attack on the Syndicate. Rose's attack time had been leaked to the Syndicate in advance and so, when it finally came, almost the entirety of the Syndicate was ready and waiting online. Rose's attacks came in piece by piece and each nation was immediately counter-attacked by the the waiting Syndicate members. Despite Rose's heavy advantage in terms of numbers and strength, the Syndicate quickly seized control of the war. Rose's pre-emptive strike on the Syndicate was not taken kindly by Black Knights, and they offered the Syndicate their support.

Meanwhile, Viridian Entente and their allies North American Confederacy attacked Guardian. In response, The Knights Radiant, Black Knights, The Coalition and TEst countered Viridian Entente. Since the Syndicate had taken control of its war with Rose, Mensa (who had a large amount of spare capacity after destroying Vanguard) could ignore Rose and focus their spare fighters on VE too. Heavily outnumbered, all of VE, except the super tier, was dog-piled and ground down. Cornerstone declared war on Mensa in defence of Viridian Entente, but after suffering punishing counterattacks by Mensa and TEst, they surrendered two days later. On September 1, 2015 in response to malicious hacking, rolled the state of the game back to August 27, 2015. This erased much of the gains the Sydisphere alliance had made over the past few days. However, neither side wished to continue the war much further. The following day, Paragon surrendered to the Syndisphere coalition. Rose received white peace, while Viridian Entente was required to pay Guardian 100 million in reparations.

Aftermath of Proxy War

By all measures, the war was a huge success for the Syndicate. Immediately after the war Syndicate's status within the game improved enormously. The allies of the Syndicate were bound together in the common fellowship of success, and a variety of new small alliances flocked to the Syndicate banners. These included alliances such as Sparta (1st), The Kings Parliament, Noir and Utopia, who all received protection from the Syndicate under the SyndiCare program. The Syndicates older protectorates Black Knights, The Knights Radiant and The Coalition had by now developed into powerful alliances in their own rights, and this was confirmed with treaty upgrades to MDoAP status. The Black Knights also cancelled their treaty with Rose, severing its link to Paragon which had proved a liability during the war. On September 21, the TKR and BK formed a new bloc along with InGen called the Obsidian Order. This brought InGen firmly into the Syndicate's sphere of influence. Meanwhile, the Syndicate pursued closer relations with Seven Kingdoms and Alpha, which would ultimately culminate in two new treaties - one with Seven Kingdoms on October 3 and one with Alpha on November 6.

As the dust settled, it became clear that the post-war world order was substantially changed. Paragon's influence had been weakened significantly, but the war had left The Covenant (which was comprised of UPN, DEIC and BoC), virtually untouched. Their nations had grown strong on the profits gained from selling resources to a wartime market, and it became apparent that the alliances of the Covenant were now among the strongest in the game. The Syndicate's relationship with UPN had always been distant and this continued to be the case. New rumours of VE and UPN linking up to create a new Paragon/Covenant axis began to emerge. On October 10, the Syndicate received leaked screenshots of a Skype conversation between Odd Squad government and Odin (a member of UPN). The leaks indicated that UPN, under the leadership of Ole, was planning a global war on the Syndicate. Tensions escalated and both sides began to militarise. However, when confronted, both UPN and DEIC reassured the Syndicate that their militarization was strictly defensive. In hopes of stalling the Syndicate's militarization, UPN vowed to its ally Mensa HQ that it was going to back down (following some talks) and that it would demilitarize. This turned out to be a ploy aimed at stalling the Syndicate's militarisation, while the UPN's militarisation continued unabated. On October 14, UPN and VE signed a treaty, confirming what had been long suspected.[3] The following day, war broke out.

Oktoberfest (2015)

On October 15, UPN, BoC, and DEIC declared war on the Syndicate, TEst, and Seven Kingdoms. In doing so, UPN broke faith with Mensa HQ and Black Knights who were allied to both UPN and the Syndicate. Meanwhile, DEIC dishonored its own treaty with SK (who was attacked by UPN), by refusing to uphold the mutual defence clause. Furthermore, DEIC would later outright attack SK themselves. For this reason, although the initial attack was hugely destructive, it gave the Syndicate a strong diplomatic position. Intense coordination by the Syndicate allowed the alliance to hold under immense pressure while the necessary FA arrangements were put in place. Within a day, Mensa HQ declared war on BoC, flat-lining them single-handedly. On October 17, the Obsidian Order (BK, TKR and InGen) declared on DEIC, swarming their middle-tier. DEIC began taking heavy hits, and would eventually drop from rank 3 to 19. On the same day, Arrgh declared war on UPN. Over the following days, more and more alliances declared war on UPN, including Noir, The Coalition, Guardian, Alpha, Vargen and Utopia. VE declared war on Arrgh in respect of its recent treaty with UPN on the 21st. However, it quickly became obvious that the Covenant was loosing the war. Peace was eventually declared following the surrender of the Covenant alliances in early November 2015.

Aftermath of Octoberfest

Following Oktoberfest the Syndicate found itself in an enviable position. The UPN-VE combination was mostly neutralized in the immediate aftermath of the war. The Syndicate's sphere of influence stretched far and it was by now widely recognised as the foremost diplomatic power in Orbis. However, this position was by no means secure and care had to be taken. If the UPN-VE alliance could be reinvigorated at any time, and combined with the forces of Rose (who sat out and profited from Octoberfest), the combination could prove overwhelming. Aside from this, the Syndicate's economic growth had been stunted by continual waring and needed a lengthy period of peace in which to grow. For these reasons, the Syndicate, now under the FA leadership of Tim Armstrong, made concerted effort to forge new links across old divides. In particular Rose and Viridian Entente were targeted for reamilioration. This policy had some success, but ultimately a failure. While UPN maintained its isolationist approach, relations with Viridian Entente were improved considerably to the extent that the idea of a ODOAP was floated. However, this was not to be.

Rum War & Mensa Vanguard Raids

Throughout January 2016, tensions began to emerge between Syndisphere and Arrgh as a result of continued raiding on the part of Arrgh. Eventually, in a move encouraged by the leader of Rose, Abbas, a few prominent members from Arrgh split off and created a new mini alliance called the Political Pirates. The Political Pirates immediately proceeded to attack Guardian in a mass raid. The mass raid led to retaliation by SK, Mensa and Guardian who declared war on both the Political Pirates and Arrgh, under the premise that the Political Pirates were really just a branch of Arrgh. This war, known as the Rum War (Jan 16 - Feb 10), was to have surprisingly large knock on effects.

While Arrgh, SK and Guardian warred Arrgh, a group of Mensa HQ members decided to raid Vanguard on their own accord. As per Mensa's raiding regulations, Vanguard was fair game: they had no treaties (beyond an Arrgh protection contract) and low military. Vanguard had decided to depart Paragon following the Proxy war, where they were rolled. Vanguard did this because it viewed itself as the weak link in Paragon: easily exploitable by opposing parties. In theory, this meant Vanguard was unaffiliated. In practice however, it was well known that Vanguard retained close paperless ties to Rose and VE. The impact of the Mensa raid on Vanguard was therefore far reaching, eroding any good will built up between Rose and the Syndisphere.

By the 20th, all of Mensa's raids on Vanguard were ended (by beiges). On the 23rd however, Vanguard came out of beige and opened a counter offensive against Mensa HQ, recognising hostilities on the OWF. Around this time, it was discovered that The Light Federation (TLF) was sending large amounts of resources to Arrgh. TLF was a former protectorate of the Syndicate, but following disagreements, it left the Syndisphere and became a de facto Rose satellite. Viewing this as an attempt by Rose to fund Syndisphere opposition, the Syndicate began to militarise. This militarisation was mirrored by Rose, VE and UPN. However, after reaching out to TLF, a diplomatic solution was arrived at, concluding with TLF paying reparations.

168 Day War

After TLF paid reps, the Syndicate fully expected the tension to be diffused, and parties to demilitarize. However, this did not happen: both VE and UPN continued to build. Both cited being wary of the Syndicate's militarization as reason. Rose continued to build also and eventually leaked that it was intent on attacking Mensa over the Vanguard matter. The Syndicate continued extensive talks with Rose, VE and UPN, attempting to prevent war from breaking out. However, it was not to be. On February 3, Rose and Fark declared war on Mensa in defence of Vanguard. This lead to an immediate counter by the Syndicate, Guardian, The Knights Radiant, The Kings Parliament and the Coalition. On February 4, Roz Wei and Seven Kingdoms also declared on Rose and Fark. Next, Viridian Entente and Shuriken declared on Roz Wei, Guardian and Mensa. The Light Federation and Charming Friends also declared war on Mensa.

The Syndicate's allies Alpha had a treaty with Rose and viewed Mensa as the aggressor due to its raids on Vanguard. In that spirit, they declared war on Roz Wei. It was a compromise: declaring war on only Roz Wei and leaving the other combatants be, so as to not pick too much of a side. Meanwhile, the UPN vowed protection over the Viridian Entente. Any hits on them would lead to retaliation. Knowing this, the Syndisphere planned declarations accordingly so as to avoid giving them reason. Extensive counters were placed Rose to quickly disable them. Once this was achieved, manpower could be swapped around to disable smaller Rose allies as they came in. VE's treaty with UPN was carefully avoided. When VE attacked Guardian and Mensa, our allies simply dug in and held their own, sacrificing their top tiers to make a stand in the midtier.

UPN's stance however, changed as the war progressed - to an increasingly hawkish attitude, seeking any excuse to enter. On February 7th, they were given their entry point by mistake. Due to miscommunication, Seven Kingdoms (SK) were given to understand that they should declare war on the North American Confederacy, an alliance which had a treaty with UPN.[4] Attempts to prevent UPN entering via diplomacy were rejected. On February 9th, the UPN opened fire upon The Knights Radiant (TKR), who had not been engaged in any front tied to UPN. In the process the Black Knights, being allied to both UPN and TKR, was scorned and betrayed. SK was not touched by UPN.

Simultaneously, Alpha declared war upon SK, citing the poorly worded SK DoW as their reason for entry.[5] Alpha's rationale revolved around Seven Kingdom's DoW being a declaration on the entire Rose coalition, including Alpha, and therefore posing a threat to Alpha. This was ill received by the Syndicate who dismissed this explanation as absurd and took Alpha's declaration to be a betrayal.

In response to UPN's declaration on TKR, the Syndicate declared on UPN, shifting its manpower away from the Rose front now that Rose's main force had been tied down. At the same time, the Black Knights declared on Viridian Entente. The offensive against UPN was hugely successful. The attack paralysed UPN, gave relief to TKR and once more added pressure to the VE front. The war was pushed into a bloody stalemate in favor of the Syndisphere. At this point however, low supplies of Munitions and Gasoline had become a problem. The short length of the peace between the previous war and this had made it impossible to both rebuild and stockpile, and this lack of preparation was now catching up with the Syndicate. Seeking a speedy end to the war, the Syndicate set out to wrap up the smaller fronts to free up bodies and add pressure. With BK-Mensa-Guardian holding back the VE front and the Syndicate holding down UPN, peace was arranged with Arrgh/Fark, and The Light Federation/Charming Friends. This freed up Chola and others to refocus on Rose. At this point the opposite side could see where the war was headed and offered white peace. Given the Syndicate's ammo/gas situation in combination with political circumstances, white peace was deemed the best option. On February 14, all forces signed a white peace agreement, ending all conflicts.

Timeline of Events

April 20th 2015 - Milcom is separated from Internal Affairs due to The Elysian League merger and Nicholas II becomes Head of Milcom. The Syndicate government becomes a quadrumvirate.

July 14th 2015 - Nicholas II steps down as Head of Milcom and is succeeded by Boony.

Nov 21st 2015 - The Syndicate announced several changes on its Board of Directors. Boony steps down as Head of Milcom and is succeeded by Zed. Manthrax steps down as Head of Econ and is succeeded by Jessica Rabbit. Partisan steps down as Head of FA and is succeeded by Tim Armstrong.

Feb 2nd 2016 - Tim Armstrong steps down as Head of FA and is succeeded by Partisan.

May 5th 2016 - The Syndicate reorganises its corporate governance structure. Zed steps down as Head of Milcom and is succeeded by Jessica Rabbit who is also in charge of Econ. Partisan takes an extended sabbatical and Valakias becomes Acting Chief Strategic Officer. The Syndicate government becomes a triumvirate again.

June 10th 2016 - Partisan returns from sabbatical and resumes his role as Chief Strategic Officer.

July 6th 2016 - Partisan steps down as Chief Strategic Officer (FA) and Valakias steps down as Vice President of Strategic Planning. Manthrax aka Spaceman Thrax becomes the new Chief Strategic Officer.

Oct 2016 - Manthrax steps down as Chief Strategic Officer and is succeeded by Sabriel.

March 26th 2017 - Sabriel steps down as Chief Strategic Officer and is succeeded by Zed.

September 6th 2017 - Jessica Rabbit steps down from a long and illustrious career as head of Finance & Security at the Syndicate and is succeeded by Tim.

July 9th 2018 - Chaunce steps down as Chief Strategic Officer (FA) and is succeeded by Partisan.

October 10th 2018 - Wilhelm the Demented retires after an impeccable career as the Chief Operations Officer (IA) and is succeeded by Leopold von Habsburg.

December 2nd 2018 - Partisan retires as Chief Strategic Officer (FA) and is succeeded by Hilmes.

December 12th 2018 - The Coalition merged into The Syndicate.

April 29 2019 - Tim retires as Chief Security & Financial Officer and is succeeded by Utmos.

June 12th 2019 - Hilmes is succeeded by Sisyphus (formerly Wilhelm the Demented) as Chief Strategic Officer (FA).

October 25th 2019 - Sisyphus retires as Chief Strategic Officer (FA) and is succeeded by Partisan.

February 20th 2020 - Utmos retires as Chief Security & Financial Officer and is succeeded by Theodosius

April 10th 2020 - Shiho Nishizumi becomes the Chief Security Officer. The Syndicate government becomes a quadrumvirate.

July 25th 2020 - Leopold retires as Chief Operations Officer and is succeeded by Itzcoatl

December 23rd 2020 - Theodosius retires as Chief Financial Officer and is succeeded by Justin

January 19th 2021 - Partisan retires as Chief Global Strategist and is succeeded by Dionysus. Lucas gets promoted to Chief Operations Officer.

May 20th 2021 - Adam retires as Chief Global Strategist and is succeeded by WANA.

July 15th 2021 - Shiho Nishizumi retires as Chief Security Officer and is succeeded by Gray.

December 29th, 2021 - Justin retires as Chief Finacial Officer and is succeeded by Vemek.

The Syndicate Government

Past Leaders

This is a list of all past and present t$ co-leaders.

FA MilCom Econ IA
Partisan Roy Mustang Cynic Roy Mustang
Tim Armstrong Nicholas II Manthrax Chaunce
Valakias (Official Acting) Boony Jessica Rabbit Sisyphus
Manthrax Zed Tim Leopold von Habsburg
Sabriel Jessica Rabbit Utmos Holy Emperor Adam
Zed Tim Theodosius Lucas
Chaunce Utmos Justin076
Hilmes Theodosius Vemek
Sisyphus Shiho Nishizumi
Partisan Gray
Holy Emperor Adam
Agent W



Community Awards

These are the awards which The Syndicate has won in the Politics and War Awards:

  • Alliance of the Year Runner-Up (2016)
  • Most Powerful Alliance (2016)
  • Best Diplomatic Team (2016)
  • Best Economic Team (2016)
  • Best Economic System (2018)

These are the awards which The Syndicate members have won as individuals:

  • Player of the Year (2016): Jessica Rabbit
  • Most Powerful Player (2016): Jessica Rabbit
  • Best Alliance Leader (2016): Jessica Rabbit
  • Nicest Player (2016): Jessica Rabbit
  • Player Most Likely to Succeed in 2017: Jessica Rabbit
  • Best In Character (IC) Poster (2016): Partisan
  • Best Villain (2017): Partisan

Orbis Academy Awards

These are the awards which The Syndicate has won in the Orbis Academy Awards. [6]


  • Alliance With the Best Economics Department (1st)
  • Alliance with Best IC Posts (1st)
  • Alliance With the Best Foreign Affairs Department (2nd)
  • Most Powerful Alliance (3rd)
  • Most Honorable Alliance (3rd)
  • Alliance With Best Propaganda (3rd)
  • Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2020 (3rd)
  • Most Active Alliance (Honorable Mention)
  • Most Improved Alliance (Honorable Mention)
  • Best Alliance for New Players (Honorable Mention)
  • Alliance With the Best MilCom Department (Honorable Mention)
  • Best Alliance Growth (Honorable Mention)
  • Best Alliance Page (Honorable Mention)
  • Best Alliance Holiday Flag (Honorable Mention)
  • Best IC Poster (1st): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Player of the Year (2nd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Best Alliance Leader (2nd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Best Community Contributor (2nd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Most Likely to Become a Real Politician (2nd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Alliance Leader Most Likely to Start Monologuing like Dr. Evil (2nd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Most Influential Player (3rd): Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Funniest Player (Honorable Mention): Partisan/Prefonteen


  • Alliance of the Year
  • Most Powerful Alliance
  • Best Alliance for New Players (The Enterprise)
  • Best Economics Department
  • Best Foreign Affairs Department (3rd)
  • Best Internal Affairs Department
  • Best Milcom Department
  • Best Gov Line-Up
  • Alliance with Best In-Character Posts
  • Alliance with Best Propaganda
  • Most Engaged Alliance
  • Best Alliance Theme (3rd)
  • Best Alliance Discord (3rd)
  • Most Likely to Succeed in 2021 (3rd)
  • Most Likely to be Rolled in 2021 (3rd)
  • Best Treaty Announcement (t$ and TKR) (3rd)
  • Best Propaganda Post (3rd)
  • Best Gaming Crew (2nd)
  • Player of the Year: Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Most Influential Player: Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Best IC Poster: Partisan/Prefonteen
  • Largest E-Peen: Partisan/Prefonteen (3rd)
  • Player that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Partisan/Prefonteen (2nd)
  • Funniest Player: Eumirbago (3rd)

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