Swing Set (The Swing)

The Swing Set is a Business alliance within Politics & War. The Swing operates multiple businesses within Orbis; and is most notably known for the award winning creation of "The Orbit" Stock Exchange.

Founding and Early History:

Swing has existed since July 20th, 2020 and was founded by BenJaLum and Gabriel with an investment from Penguin. Swing started off its early life as a resource trading company and with that success grew and expanded. They set up the formal business as a investment location where investors could put their money into Swing and get a direct return from the profits from trading.

Later Swing started investing in a bank called, Bank of Evil. The bank had many internal struggles and essentially collapsed. Through their independent investments The Swing bought out BoE and created a "B" fund system and BoE became B6. In that time following till now B6 has become the largest fund within Swing.

The B fund system:

The B fund system was set up for flexibility for investors, allowing them to choose their strategy. It was unique as it allowed for the direct investment with a specific goal. Though the downside being less returns then buying into the company as a whole like a stock but like a savings account the money could be withdrawed at any time.

  • B1: Resource Index Fund
  • B2: Resource Long Hold Fund
  • B3: Resource Quick Flip Fund
  • B4: Cooperate Investing
  • B5: Research and Development
  • B6: Bank of Evil/ Money Lending

Current History:

The Swing today is quite large compared to its beginnings. It has gone on to found TOSE (The Orbit Stock Exchange) on September 27th, 2020 and recently acquired AoSB (Ace of Spades Bank) on April 4th, 2021. Swing has only ever had one CEO being Benj though, Deraj served as acting CEO while Benj was in absence. This coincided with "Arctics First Time" which saw involvement from TOSE officials investigating Taith and helping with the recovery on the shareholders behalf.

Swing won the Rothschild Award for the Economy Prize of $1 billion which was hosted on RON (Royal Orbis News). It won for the Creation of TOSE which was nominated for "The stock exchange (TOSE) that has existed for the better part of a year has resulted in a never before seen innovation within the wider P&W realm, ultimately being the number one business hub for companies totaling over 100B in book valuation.".

On May 2nd, 2021 BenJaLum retired from the game thus leaving all swing affiliated companies. Deraj is now the new CEO completing his rise through the ranks to the top.

Swing Owned Companies:

Current TOSE logo

"The Orbit" Stock Exchange

TOSE is the first automated Stock Exchange operated within Orbis. TOSE allows investors large and small to invest in Orbis companies via an automated system. TOSE allows buying, selling, and auctioning of assets. It currently is the home for 10 publicly traded companies on the exchange.

Current BoE logo

The Bank of Evil

BoE (Bank of Evil) is the primary lending institution operated by The Swing. BoE supports individual nations and alliances.

Current AoSB logo

Ace of Spades Bank

Formerly known as Ace & Spade Bank, The Swing acquired Ace & Spade in April 2021. AoSB is The Swings small capital bank focusing on higher risk lending and casino style games.

"The Orbit" Bulk Resource Exchange


BenJaLum - Benj is one of the two founders of Swing and he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Benj is the driving force and visionary behind much of the business development handled by The Swing. Benj hails from The Void Touched where he and Gabe began the development of The Swing. Benj can often be found interacting with clients in Swing & The Bank of Evil discord servers. On April 28th, 2021; Benj was awarded a Rothschild Award for his development of TOSE. On May 2nd, 2021 BenJaLum stepped down from his position within The Swing. Benj cited the reason for retirement was to focus more on life & family.

Gabe - Gabe is the second founder of The Swing and he serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the organization. Most of the work Gabe currently does for The Swing is behind the scenes asset and financial management. Gabe is often found in the TOSE server as an administrator within The Swing Alliance server. Gabe hails from The Void Touched and has fought in several great wars. On May 2nd, 2021 Gabe was promoted from Heir to a co-leader position in The Swing Set alliance following the departure of his long time business partner BenJaLum.

Deraj - Deraj is an Heir in The Swing Alliance and he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the organization. Deraj's work for The Swing is primarily focused on lending and banking. Deraj is listed as The CEO of The Bank of Evil and Ace of Spades Bank. During an unforeseen sabbatical by Benj, Deraj served as the acting Chief Executive Officer of Swing and navigated the business through the fallout from "Arctics First Time" aka "Taithfall". You can usually find Deraj in The Bank of Evil, which serves as the hub for Swing Banking. Deraj also handles most of The Alliance foreign affairs. Deraj is an Alumnus of Atlantian Council, though the vast majority of his PnW career is from within The Swing. On May 2nd, 2021 Deraj was promoted to co-leader of the SwingSet alliance following the retirement of his mentor BenJaLum. Deraj was also appointed as the Chief Executive of The Swing.


Active Treaties
Type Signatories
Protectorate The Lost Empire and Swing Set
Protectorate Weebunism and Swing Set
Protectorate The Void Touched and Swing Set
Protectorate Socialist Union of Nova Roma and Swing Set
Protectorate The Abyss and Swing Set
Protectorate The Coal Mines and Swing Set
Protectorate The Wei and Swing Set
Protectorate Sanctuary and Swing Set
Protectorate Atlantian Council and Swing Set
Protectorate The Valyrian Freehold and Swing Set
Protectorate Almighty Corporation and Swing Set
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