The Swamp
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The Immortals
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The Fighting Pacifists
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The Ampersand
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The Lost Empire
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The Federation
United Socialist Nations
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 25 March 2020
Treaty Status: Active

The Swamp is a Mutual Defense Optional Aggression Pact (MDoAP) bloc signed between Farkistan, The Federation, The Fighting Pacifists, The Ampersand, The Lost Empire, and The Immortals on 25 March 2020. United Socialist Nations joined the bloc on 20 September 2020.


The Federation, The Immortals, The Ampersand, Fark, The Fighting Pacifists, and The Lost Empire agree to an MDoAP bloc henceforth knows as The Swamp.

Chapter 1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the swampiest of them all?

All members of The Swamp agree that should any information come to light regarding the security or welfare of another, it must be shared.

Chapter 2: Well, I have to save my ass.

If any member of The Swamp is attacked, all other members agree to militarily, financially, and diplomatically defend one another. An attack on any member of The Swamp is an attack on the whole swamp.

Chapter 3: Can’t we settle this over a pint?

If any member of The Swamp decided to start an offensive war, representatives of all other members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Other members are not required to join.

Chapter 4: What are you doing in my swamp?

All current members of The Swamp must agree to the admission of another member.

Chapter 5: This is the part where you run away.

Should any current member wish to exit The Swamp, they must inform representatives of all others 72 hours in advance. 



Internal Affairs: This Fckn Guy

Foreign Affairs: Kitschie

War Boss: Bozzie

The Immortals

The First - Lord Tyrion

Cosmic Lord - Scratchy

Foreign Affairs - Dr. James Wilson

MilCom - Grave

Internal Affairs - Voracity

Economics - ApocalypseCalculator

The Ampersand

Commanders: Alexio

Commanders: DemonSpawn

Commanders: Kilo

The Federation

King: Kosta

Prince: George the Destroyer

The Fighting Pacifists

Head of TFP & Foreign Affairs - Quichwe

Internal Affairs - Harry Flashman

Military Affairs- Kaz

Economic Affairs - Robert Jordan

The Lost Empire

Ocean Master: Atlan

Imperia: Ralle

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