The State Of Raise Odisha

Odisha Flag of The State Of Raise Odisha

Incredible Manas
Knight of The Black Knights
Basic Information
Founded 16th June 2015
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Republic Republic
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Economy Mixed Economy Mixed Economy
Pollution 0
Currency Rupee
GDP 5,881,121,010.25
Civilians 1,602,947
Area 18,500 sq. miles mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 103.42 people/sq. mi people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Odisha military force
Nation Rank 640
Score 1,119
Infantry 45,000
Tanks 2250
Aircraft 270
Spies 1
Stadium: Barabati
Team: Emperor
Win/Loss: 114/219
Investment $143,500.00
National Capital Capital Of Kingdom
Other Cities Capital Of Kingdom,Silver City Cuttack,Golden Beach Puri,City Of Queen Limu,King Manas's Palace,Goku City,City Of Love,City Of Kalinga,City of lord Dragon ,City Of Economics ,City of Diplomats

The State Of Raise Odisha Edit

The State Of Raise Odisha is a nation led by Incredible Manas of Kanyakubja Brahmins Dynasty on the continent of Asia.

The State Of Raise Odisha

The human history in Odisha begins in the Lower Paleolithic era, as Acheulian tools dating to the period have been discovered in various places in the region.The early history of Odisha is mostly obscure, with few mentions found in ancient texts like the Mahabharata, Maha Govinda Sutta and some Puranas. In 261 BCE, Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty conquered the region in the bloody Kalinga War. The resulting bloodshed and suffering of the war deeply affected Ashoka. He turned into a pacifist and converted to Buddhism. He sent peace emissaries to various neighbouring nations. Thus as an indirect consequence, the event caused the spread of Buddhism in Asia.

History Edit


map of kalinga(odisha)

Kalinga(Odisha) was an early republic in central East India that comprised almost whole Odisha and also some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh.It was a rich and fertile land that extended from the Damodar River/Ganges to the Godavari River and from Bay of Bengal to the Amarkantak range in the west.

The core area of the historical Kalinga now forms the sea shore of Orissa and Andhra region of Andhra Pradesh, up to river Godavari state in India.

Kalinga is mentioned as "Calingae" in Megasthenes' Indica:

Religion Edit

The State Of Raise Odisha,follow the Religion called Humanity.In which all men and women are same.And this Religion believes that the creator of this universe lives inside each and every person live in this world.

Economy Edit

=== The economy of Odisha is one the fastest growing economies in India.Economically, The State Of Raise Odisha favors far left wing policies.In Odisha, the primary industries are manufacturing; mining and quarrying; electricity, gas and water supply; and construction. The industrial sector's contribution to the state's GSDP was estimated at 33.45% in 2014-15. Most of Odisha's industries are mineral-based. Odisha has 25% of India's iron reserves. It has 10% of India's production capacity in steel ===

Trade Relations: Edit

Odisha has a historic trade ties with the nation TheWesteros belongs to the Alliance of The Chola .

Military Edit


The Odisha Military Force was formed on 15 June 2015 by the Odisha Military Act (Odisha Act VII of 2015). Soon after its creation this force had to handle serious situations in The Proxy War and Oktoberfest war. Due to strenuous nature of work of the military and need for more personnel its strength was increased in 2015. The strength was further increased with the formation of a Gurkha Military unit.

National Projects: Edit

Till now Odisha has 3 national project

1.10/21 05:18 pm - odisha built a new project: Iron Dome

2.10/31 04:11 pm - odisha built a new project: Emergency Gasoline Reserve

3.01/18 07:16 pm - manas built a new project: Ironworks

War fought :Edit

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