The Spaniard War
Date April 15th, 2015 - April 18th, 2015
Casus belli None
Status Ended

- Lethamyrian Victory

- Unconditional Spanish Surrender

Spain Lethamyr

President Xavier Kelley

Chancellor Heinrich Kaufmann

Phase One

18,000 Soldiers

450 Tanks

Phase Two

6,000 Soldiers

100 Tanks

Phase Three

0 Soldiers

0 Tanks

Phase One

21,000 Soldiers

0 Tanks

Phase Two

24,000 Soldiers

250 Tanks

Phase Three

24,000 Soldiers

425 Tanks

Casualties and losses
29,275 Soldiers

113 Tanks

22,801 Soldiers

207 Tanks

The Spaniard War was a conflict between the nations of Spain led by President Xavier Kelley and Lethamyr which was led by Chancellor Heinrich Kaufmann.

The Spaniard War began on April 15th, 2015 when the foreign minister of Lethamyr was negotiating a peace resolution between the nations of Spain and Purilux. After 3 days of negotiations, the Spanish decided to assassinate the Lethamyrian foreign minister and declare war on Lethamyr.

During the first phase of the Spaniard War, the Spanish launched two attacks on Lethamyr's capital city, Kargeth. The attacks were immense triumphs and inflicted heavy casualties of approximately 5,000 Lethamyrian Soldiers and only 1,500 Spanish Soldiers. Soon, the Lethamyrian Armed Forces counter-attacked, but it was an utter failure. The Lethamyrian Armed Forces tried countless amounts of times to counter-attacked, but the Spanish Army repelled them one by one.

During the second phase of the Spaniard War, the Dutch East India Company provided Lethamyr with valuable steel, aluminum, and heavy funding. Lethamyr was able to mass-produce tanks and aircraft. From there on, Lethamyr achieved many triumphs against Spain.

After these attacks, the Spanish Army had collapsed. .The Spanish were now being pursued, and the Lethamyrians were now the pursuers. After several attacks on Madrid and Barcelona, Spain unconditionally surrendered.

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