The Second Winter

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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: April 10, 2017
Treaty Terminated: March 22, 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Second Winter is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between Cerberus and Polaris on April 10, 2017.

Times have changed, but friendships remain the same. Polaris and Cerberus come together in Grub's Palace Courtyard, where the noises of ancient dragons can still be heard thousands of years after their extinction. Bradley stepped forward with his entourage, as did Grub. They looked at each other, then looked at the crowd.

"Today is a special day, for all of us." Grub said.

"Indeed it is, today we make the written pledge to stand by one another, no matter the cost" Bradley said, and went on to add "Verin, read our agreement, the Treaty of the Second Winter"

Verin steps forward, takes a deep breath, and begins to read the agreement.

Article 1: Call to Arms

Should either Cerberus or Polaris come under fire, both sides agree to join forces to combat the attacker.

Article 2: Non-Aggression

Both Cerberus and Polaris agree to not provoke one another and to not endeavor on any military campaigns against each other. Should there be any incidents, both signatories agree to resolve these privately.

Article 3: Intellectual Updates

Both alliances agree to communicate regularly on matters of alliance security. Should either side receive information that could be detrimental to the security and integrity of the other, they are to be notified immediately.

Article 4: Optional Aggression

Both alliances are entitled to ask for assistance in an aggressive campaign, but both alliances possess the right to refuse.

Article 5: Termination Protocol

Should either alliance desire to terminate the agreement for any reason, both agree to inform the other privately 72 hours prior to making a public announcement.


Signed for Cerberus

Illusive Man - Bradley Davies
Operative of Internal Affairs - Eddard Stark
Operative of Foreign Affairs - Verin
Operative of Military Affairs - ctigrisht
Operative of Economic Affairs - Artch Kunschteintunt

Signed for Polaris

Emperor - AlmightyGrub
Regent - EaTeM
Minister of Truth - Alexia
Minister of Peace - Kriegskoenig
Minister of Love - WSxPhoenix
Minister of Plenty - Dendarii

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