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The Scriptures of Truth

The Fourth Scripture of Truth

Choc had arisen from his slumber. It had been a day of Partying like the World hadn't known. Dio and his followers had shown the World that nothing is greater than Pakigirl, mixed with a little Blessed Wine and Sand. They had celebrated enough for an entire fortnight, it was time to distribute and destroy.

He climbed to his feet, and poured himself some Sand. It was time for his breakfast. As he dipped his cup into Dio's rich soil, out came a foreign object, to which he was not accustomed. It was somewhat coned in shape, and had a distinct yellow color to it. He decided that he must take it to the Temple of Omega at once, to get clarification of what this odd looking thing was. Surely, Dio could tell him what this foreign object was used for.

Choc began his journey from his Sand Hut to the Holy City early in the morning. As he passed the first village, his arms dropped limp to his side, as if they were being commanded by another being. As he had seen in his dream, the prophet came to him in a green light.

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